Reset button sometimes missing?

Hi, I am enyoing the website and the “reset button” or x you can press if you get something wrong. I often write typos or mix the reading or meaning with each other when I am going fast. I do not use it when I genuinly get something wrong. However, sometimes the button just is not there. Is this a bug or is it intended, if so why? Thank you.

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What app or scripts are you using? Vanilla WaniKani has no such button.


I am using WK for wanikani, but also a bit on my computer. I thought I had used it both on the app and my computer, but I might be wrong.

All the apps are third-party, developed by users. Some incorporate things by default that you have to add to the website manually.


Get a userscript called “Wanikani Override” for that on PC


Or Double Check for a more versatile script


Double Check is the much better script indeed :heart:

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