Reset and back at it again

Joined WK at the end of Oct '19. Started off pretty fun. Did first few levels fairly quickly as many of the kanji/vocab were things I already knew and learned a bunch more in those lessons. Decided to get Lifetime access (if you’re not sure, yes, it’s worth it) and kept going well enough, at least until I got to Level 10. I hit a wall.

Next thing I know, I was on Level 10 for a year, my visits to do lessons became less frequent. Then I decided to go on Vacation mode this past September, visited in-laws, looking into learning to fly, and catching up on other projects around the house.

Just turned off Vacation mode a few minutes ago. I’ve been on Level 10 for so long and away from studies, that I decided to reset back to level one. I know I’ll speed through a few levels but want to try focusing on handwritting too. I have a small electronic notepad that I’ll use but I also have genkouyoushi notebooks for practice. I don’t expect to speed through my studies, didn’t expect it before either.

Well, Here I go again. :slight_smile:



May not want to reset, but I know I need it.

On flaming durdles, time on level. :rofl::rofl:


not an easy decision to make but well done for committing to it and throwing yourself back into your studies!! good luck - u got this! :sparkles:


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Stocked up for offline studying.

Got them some time ago but haven’t used them yet. Pulled them off the bookshelf and looking to use for my studies as well. I like how the cards show stroke order and plan to practice hand writing too.

Using a handheld electronic notepad to practice writing. I have a few genkouyoushi notebooks too.

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