REQUEST: Please add 'car hole' to 車庫

‘Garage’? Ooh lah dee dah mister frenchman


Synonyms ftw.


I believe a car hole is distinct from a normal garage.

EDIT: is it really not possible to upload images on mobile?


MFW those surrender monkeys try to make us speak French, and on independence day no less

Sometimes image links are weird. General rule is that if it ends with a file extension you’ll be fine.


Yeah, but the upload button isn’t even available on mobile.

Odd… are you using the forums in an app? I have the upload button…

It’s just the chrome browser on Android.

Not a huge deal.

Might be a pain on a mobile keyboard, but if you use the HTML or BBCode image tags it should work regardless of how weird the URL is.

The heck is a car hole?


You mean the independence that we only have because of the French? :wink:

Carhole: (n) Refer Simpsons episode 126

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@chrisdn beat me to it rofl

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Don’t tell anyone that the Statue of Liberty is a gift from France, too :wink:

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Haha, this was great! XD

@poopsock - I’ve never heard Car Hole before, but what about Car Port? I had no idea Garage was French-origin, (or fancy) for that matter! XD

Oh, the issue with the image - on mobile if the picture’s link is too long and it word-wraps, it doesn’t work. It’s stupid, but how it is. I get around that when posting images on mobile by wrapping the link in HTML, and then images load fine. ^^ EDIT: As Borx already said… XD

I didn’t even bother to do anything with the link… I was literally just complaining that the button to upload (the little bar with an up arrow pointing out of it) doesn’t appear on mobile for whatever reason.

Oh strange! I used to see it just fine, although it never worked, continually showing me the circular loading symbol, and then giving me an error message after a while (5+ minutes, if I care to wait that long). Ah… if I recall correctly, it’s in a different location… might be under the “…” button.

paste the pic and it will upload. u have to copy it first tho. and

車庫 is also useful vocab if you like to make sushi puns.