[Request]? Keyboard shortcut for synonyms

I couldn’t figure out if there already is one, but I have lots of annoyances with adding shortcuts, and now that I have to use a wireless keyboard and mouse, I prefer using my mouse as minimally as possible because it’s a pain in the ass. But even before I’d have issues.

Would it be possible to make some keyboard shortcut for adding synonyms.

Ctrl + S or something?

Oh and have it be usable in both lessons and reviews (I have user lesson synonyms) if possible? 

It’s super slowing down my reviews and whatnot because I like adding synonyms. :frowning:

I think this may be asking a bit much, I think the people who add tons of synonyms are few and far between, too much so for someone to dedicate time to this. Well, I am not a programmer, it may only take 5 minutes, I dunno, in that case, good luck! This might just be a case of man up and click a couple of extra times, though.

Since I’m one of those people who tend to add more words (sometimes, just to play it safe…) I’d like to see this come into fruition too~

gokub said... Since I'm one of those people who tend to add more words (sometimes, just to play it safe...) I'd like to see this come into fruition too~
 And I like your profile pic  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

(and was also a former synonym/note adder :p)
$(document).bind('keypress', function(event) {
    if( event.which === 83 ) {
if($('#item-info').css('display') != 'block'){
$('.user-synonyms-add-form input').focus();
$('.user-synonyms-add-form input').val('');

may need some tweaking

One of the reasons I have issues with just “manning up and adding them” is that sometimes I’ll have errors with clicking (due to my hands or the mouse) that’ll delete them or end up skipping to the next review.

Of course, in general it would be time-saving as well, and as someone who adds lots and lots of synonyms, that means a lot of time saved (just as rikaikun saves time, and the 8+ Tampermonkey extensions I have) and a better user experience,

…so if it is something that wouldn’t be too much of a hassle, I’d be incredibly grateful!!! :smiley:

I do add notes, too, but less often. Though I suppose for notes-adders they might like a SHIFT + N or something? I hadn’t thought about that. (Though this is not my concern, so I don’t know if the person who mentioned it would find it handy or not?)