[Request] Grandpa [insert your name here]'s old WK item driller

The script

What I would like ( :pray: ) is a script that generates a slideshow of the user’s unlocked items, which would first show a random item and then (optionally) its name/meaning and reading. Something you could have run on the side while you’re doing something else, that doesn’t need any kind of intervention, as an additional recognition/reading/listening practice tool.

I think a short option list is better than a long explanation:

Don’t show items to be reviewed in less than X days
Display info after Y seconds
    Play sound // If not too heavy datawise, or if persistent local storage is possible and if possible at all
New item every Z seconds

Ideally, the background color would fit the item type. The slideshow could be launched from the header menu, and (maybe?) be displayed as a layer over the dashboard, with a “Settings” button to display the above options and an “X” button to go back to the dashboard. A “Do not show again” button would be nice too, if persistent local storage is possible.

What you could do with it

I was thinking of a standalone app at first, but there isn’t a feature I can think of that you can’t achieve with a script. You can make it full-screen and use it as a screensaver, you can open it in a new (small) window and make it always-on-top using an add-on, or you can just let the sound play in the background and try to picture the matching vocab(s). The only thing you couldn’t do, or at least not easily, is adding non-WK items, but you’ve probably gotten to a whole new learning level once you’ve drilled every WK item into your brain, so this might not be that useful…

Why I don’t really care about SRS

Now some people are going to say that it will interfere with the SRS. And I won’t question this. As I wouldn’t question the fact that the SRS is a very efficient way to memorize stuff. However I’m pretty sure the good old-fashioned continual drilling works ultimately best. And while my average review score is above 90%, I’m not satisfied with the fact that it takes me five seconds - estimated average; can be much longer - to decompose a vocab to recall its reading or its meaning. And I wouldn’t consider an item as actually burnt until it instantly pops up in my mind as soon as I see it, which I know for sure won’t be the case for a lot of my burnt items.
In my opinion, WK’s value doesn’t reside in the SRS, but rather in the pacing and structuring of the teaching, and while it will definitely help you to recall stuff, I’m convinced the actual burning only comes through intensive practice. Which this app could be a part of.

Do you think you’d use it? / Would you be kind enough to do it?

So… Do you think this kind of script would be of any use to you? To be honest, I guess I could do this myself, but there are so many things that I’d have to learn, while other people here already master them (because they practiced it intensively - wink, wink), and what would take you some of you guys something between 30 and 120 minutes using pieces of existing code would take me a good one hundred hours. And another one hundred to figure out how to fetch the sounds, since this doesn’t seem to be managed by the API. So, yeah… I figured I’d ask.

Thanks for reading.

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I support this idea! Even though it kind of interferes with SRS (as you mentioned), it would be great to have for drilling and by the side. :smiley:

grandpapa franku’s

I’m sure there are many people who don’t care that much about the full-SRS effect and even I will practice my critical Kanji on Anki, when there are too many of them.
so for these who would be willing to risk ‘interfering with the SRS’ it would surely be a helpful thing to have!

grandpa ごいち