[Request] Countdown timer

I am tired of wasting 1-2 hours to answer my reviews (100 reviews in 1 hour is a lot and tired me), i tried to answer in 5 - 10 seconds but i cant!! sometimes i wasted even 40-60 seconds trying to remember the kanji meaning, i am very busy person, i just want to make 100 reviews in 8 minutes but i need some script to force me to answer in at least 5 seconds!! please someone make a useful script for those people who want answer fast the reviews, i have 1300 pending reviews but i dont want to quit wanikani :( 

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This … is a troubling post. On one hand, adding a timer would just add a lot more stress and guessing to your reviews, which will inevitably make you get more wrong answers, and hate doing reviews, in my opinion, that is how I would feel anyway. By giving yourself time to think it over, you will either come to the correct conclusion on your own mental power which would likely solidify the answer more through the jubilation effect, OR, you get it wrong, you feel bad, but now you know the answer, it is up to you to get it correct from there one way or another. Sorry, for the run on sentences. 

I also had a massive amount of reviews at one point due to an extended break, you are going to have to bite the bullet and get through them, 50 at a time, 100 at a time, however you choose to do so. As you say, you are very busy, it would be best, in this case, to slow down the lessons. You don’t want to quit, but running yourself into the ground will only end up forcing you to quit through frustration in the end. 

My suggestion for you until you get less busy:

 Don’t do any lessons for now, get all your reviews done to where you won’t be getting 100+ reviews a day, I will edit in a very useful script to see when you get reviews in a bit here: /t/Userscript-Dashboard-Progress-Plus/8309/220 If you go here, there are two amazing plugins to help you know what is going on with your reviews in the background. Specifically, the dashboard plus will show you your current level items and their progress to Guru status, then the ultimate timeline, this shows you exactly when your reviews will be  unlocked and what items will be in those reviews. Unfortunately, it makes it easy to cheat, but it is up to you to hold back on that, it also notifies you of what review chunks hold your current level items which is pretty neat.

Once you have those guru’d/mastered/enlightened/burned, wait a few days, and do them again when they pop up. By this point, most of your reviews will be spread out in more manageable chunks through doing them in spurts when you can.

Now, after a week or two, you should have few if any reviews, now that you are over the big hurdle, do as many lessons as you feel you can keep up with, whether it be ten a day, or bigger chunks of 30-40 every three days, again, your preference.

Hopefully this helps a little bit.


This would be pretty cool :wink: What I usually do is just button mash and fail the item on purpose if I don’t get it quickly enough. Makes reviews go fast, helps me make sure I know it. Worked out in the long run. Good luck :slight_smile:

JacobW said…

If your aim is just to practice quick recall, a script like this could be useful.  On the other hand, if your goal is to cut down your review queue, I’m going to suggest that it might not be the best approach.  

From the perspective of someone thinking about writing this hypothetical script, the first question I have to ask is “What happens when you don’t answer before the end of the countdown?”.  In order to move the review session along (without cheating the system) the solution would be to have the script automatically submit a wrong answer (which is consistent with the idea that, if you didn’t recall it quickly enough, you didn’t know it).  

Doing that, of course, means that the item will be knocked down an SRS level or two and will appear more frequently in your queue.  Now if, as you say, you just can’t remember items in 5 – 10 seconds (assuming that’s the time limit you want), you’re potentially going to wind up with more items marked wrong and more reviews of those items as a result.  So, while your review sessions might go quicker, you may well end up just having more of them and that won’t really give you any ground on your backlog.

All that said, if I can find some time over the next couple days or so, I might still have a go at writing up something like what you describe.  Regardless, don’t get discouraged.  You’ll get through those reviews and be back on track before you know it.  Just be patient and keep working at it.  頑張って。

I could really use this.

Honestly, knocking the item down to a lower level is okay with me because it tells me I don’t really know it. I should be able to read it and understand it without thinking about it. If I don’t or can’t, then that just means I don’t know it and I want it to appear more often anyways.

I’ve burned items by just “guessing” what the answer was. Which means I don’t know it, so I believe it’s the same thing here.

What would you want it to do when the time runs out?  Submit a wrong answer?  Or push it back in the queue for you to try again at the end of the review, without marking it wrong the first time (but maybe mark it wrong the second time)?

Hi, sorry this is so late.  I got kind of busy after my last post.

Anyway, I started on a simple implementation a couple hours ago when this thread popped up again (before I saw rfindley’s post here).  It should be just about done, but I need to wait a little while until I have more reviews, just to test and make sure everything’s working as it should.

Edit: I did the thing.  See this thread.