Repeating Lessons

I just encountered an interesting bug where I had to redo a round of lessons that I’d previously completed. I believe my steps were:

  1. Go through 5 vocab lessons and complete the quiz (this is round 1 of vocab)
  2. Click “continue” to do more lessons (now on to round 2 vocab)
  3. Begin the first lesson of round 2 vocab
  4. Click on one of the kanji on the first lesson to open it in a new tab
  5. Go to that tab and read about the kanji. Then close that tab
  6. Go to my work chat and email since I had that open too
  7. Go back to my vocab lessons after ~5 minutes

When I returned to my lessons, I was suddenly on the lessons screen with my round 1 vocab again, when it should’ve been round 2. I had to redo the lessons for all the round 1 vocab, even though I’d previously completed the quiz for it. The words appeared in the exact same order as when I’d first done those lessons. After I completed those and clicked “continue” again to do more vocab, the vocab from round 2 appeared (and again in the exact same order).

I didn’t have another lesson or review session open during this, just one other WK tab where I was reading about the kanji 辞. I’m in the latest version of Firefox and currently have installed Reorder Ultimate 2, Self-Study Quiz, and WK Open Framework Additional Filters.

Has anyone else encountered this?

When this happens to me, I just exit the lessons and restart them, and the already finished lessons do not reappear.
I don’t think that this ever happened to me before installing the reorder script, so this might be the culprit? But since a lesson restart fixes it, I don’t really see it as a problem.


Oh yeah, speaking of repeating things yesterday I had some review terms repeating right after eachother.

Usually if a term repeats in review it’s because you got it incorrect the first time and it repeats itself a couple of cards later but yesterday I was doing a review and I would get a term correct, it would go to the next card and display that for a couple of milliseconds and then switch back to the card that I just did and ask for either the meaning or the reading again. This was on Google Chrome and I have no idea why it happened. The only thing that I can attribute to the error was maybe because I did several WK tabs open at the same time even tho I was reviewing on only one and I was also doing KameSama for the first time that day and had it open in a different tab (however I highly doubt this was the source of the problem).

This also started happening to me in Google Chrome after I installed the reorder script, so I agree with Sinyaven that the reorder script is the likely culprit.

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Interesting to hear. I’ve used the reorder script nearly my entire time here (a couple years) but never experienced this issue before. I’ll keep it in mind.

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