Repeated Errors on same thing

Hi all. How do you get over a mental block where you consistently make the same mistake over and over again. It is almost as if I have learnt the error. I try to do my reviews quickly (and putting to one side the irritating typing errors that creep in) I find repetitious mistakes the next most irritating. Any ideas how to overcome


Step 1: Scream at my phone/computer in frustration.

Step 2: Write it down on a piece of paper, and tape it to the side of my monitor so that I’m looking at it periodically throughout the day.

Step 3: Install the self-study + leech trainer scripts to practice them over and over and over and over…

Step 4: Profit?

Step 5: Miss the same thing a few weeks later, again, when it comes up for enlightened (or burned I suppose, but I’m not quite there yet). Start at Step 1 again…

Honestly, I’m learning to embrace the repetition when those errors come back to apprentice over and over again. As frustrating as it is, I do feel like I get better at them the more I see them :upside_down_face:


start going crazy about whatever items are troubling you, it’ll stick, I’ve done it


those are just two examples.

recently it was 迷惑 (めいわく, trouble, annoyance, bother) I failed it 3 times in a row before going nuts about it and remiding myself about it every minute for 30 minutes.
it just works

oh yeah I forgot about the part where I fail the master/enlighten review and I forget about the word again

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After I do my reviews, I review the items I got wrong. If they feel a little fuzzy, I will reread the mnemonic, or come up with my own, if need-be. If I got it wrong due to a mixup with another word or kanji, I’ll review them side-by-side and add an additional portion to the mnemonic to help distinguish them.

It can also help seeing the item in an actual sentence. Sometimes there are words that I just can’t remember, but suddenly it clicks in my brain if I see a real world usage. This is where additional grammar studies and reading practice can really help.


I often come up with my own mnemonics if the example one isn’t working for me. If that fails I write it down on a sticky note and study it a couple times a day and that usually gets it to stick in my brain.


I really like the ConfusionGuesser userscript for just this reason, so I can compare the things I’m getting confused immediately in my reviews. And sometimes I’m not quite sure which kanji I was getting mixed up (particularly if its the reading I’m getting wrong), so the script helps a lot with that…

Maybe I should’ve included that as part of step 3 of my response above :thinking:


I didn’t. Hence why I went on vacation mode just a few months after reaching level 60. :disappointed:

How I do it

I do my reviews slowly., but in real life I think I speak and think slowly too. The least I could do after learning side by side with the help of ConfusionGuesser and some decks on Kitsun is Self Study Quiz, twice or three times a day if life calls me not too roughly, or anytime I could do it, like once every three days, or even once a week. Life is easier with spoonfed durtles WK. Why? Because, I have leeches deck that’s combined with my personal mining deck, my problem (or could also be my relief because I’m not addicted to SRS) is I don’t always do my personal Mining Deck. Over there, I push myself harder than what vocabs here on WK can reinforce what I study after I study/guru Kanji. Over there, I put MORE vocabs, thanks to Dictionaries features. Although, I also tend to dive deeper into Kitsun’s features I haven’t delved, and then I tend to distract myself with learning CSS and stuffs to get used to Anki instead of paid to be service like Kitsun and other SRS softwares. But thanks to some Wanikanians who successfully keep distracting me from doing all that trying more and more features, but without actually learning the kanji/vocab items I put them in it. Now, I’m not sure I make all my sentences correctly in English here. So I’ll stop now. And put it in details instead.

cc @ctmf this is why the other day I posted that instead this serious post.

cc @jprspereira I just feel like sharing what I do with my deck(s) on Kitsun.


Basically my exact feels. It is SO FRUSTRATING when I know I’m about to get something wrong. But there’s no denying that having to redo it over and over eventually makes it stick. We’re really masochists out here -_-


I don’t now whether this applies to others, I just give my brain time. It will learn in time. Some leeches take long time like 5 days or 6 days. In the end the blockage gives up and lets in. In the beginning I had lots of typing errors, english japanese confusion etc. Now I don’t have any of these. I believe that helper scripts does not help learning process of brain. So I am not using any helper scripts.


My personal archenemy is 代用. I know it. I know it totally fine. Outside of Wanikani I have no problems. But whenever it shows up here, I totally mess it up. It will haunt me to my grave.

I am not even sure why I am not remembering it… it’s not even hard! It’s as if part of my brain refuses to acknowledge it.

But let me tell you, I studied Japanese 10 years ago at university and would ALWAYS mess up 野. I remember I was so angry one time, I tore my handwritten kanji card to pieces on a bus (while people watched me swearing at that stupid kanji card…). I would never ever remember it. I hate it passionately.
Some levels ago it got unlocked and the moment I saw it, I remembered that it was “field” and that the on-yomi is や even though I had not come across it in ages. Somehow… after all those years of hate my brain remembered it. Same with 課. Kanji I used to mess up 10 years ago, are fine now.

So in 10 years… I will defeat 代用.


Leech Trainer Script & the Self-Study script.

I consistently mess up 出す and 出る and repetition with mnemonics, the leech trainer and the self-study seems to really help. I’m not really bothered by making lots of mistakes and decreasing my accuracy–I know I’m training my brain to view symbols as concepts opposed to reading individual characters so I trust that I’ll get it if I am consistent with writing & seeing it over and over.

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