Rendaku Review

No need to go into the frustrations of rendaku mistakes :wink:

I wonder if Wanikani would consider a new feature where, when the mistake was made because of a rendaku, it would be flagged as such and you would be able to look at them as a separate group of mistakes in your summary?

These are words you “know” but have a specific type of problem with, so perhaps it would be useful to be able to isolate them?

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I would reword this as:
These are words that you don’t know, because of a specific type of problem

But otherwise, it’s an interesting suggestion and I think it could be useful.


I think this would be useful as well.
I tend to struggle with rendaku and it’s usually the main reason I end up adding my own reading notes. Whenever rendaku is involved, I’ve gotten into the habit of creating my own mnemonic to remember it.

It could certainly be interesting to highlight these niche cases.

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