Rendaku helper

Here’s a script I’d love to write one day (but sadly no time for the foreseeable future).

First define some rendaku rules, e.g. these

Then, for each vocab, check if it follows the rules. If not, add a warning to the wanikani page for the vocab.

Even better if we can think of a consistent mnemonic (eg a little devil) for bad rendaku and add it to the mnemonic.

A good start would be to write a python script that checks kanji against the rules and fills out a spreadsheet for reference at least.

Any thoughts?

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Lyman’s law is the only rule though, and I’m not sure how helpful that is cause it can only tell you for sure when a word can’t have Rendaku in one situation.

I feel it’s true we all gain experience of whether a vocab is likely to rendaku or not, tgerefore there must be a reasonable set of rules that give a decent guess. It would be a great start to code up the rules that are around, starting with lyman’s law, and so find the exceptions.

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