Remove meanings from lesson intro? Pass during review?

Hi there! Sorry if these have been thought of before (I did a quick search but didn’t see anything), but there were two things I’ve been wishing for:

  1. Not being able to see the meaning at the top of the lesson right under the kanji or vocabulary. I like to try to guess meaning and pronunciation when I first see the characters, but my eyes always cheat on me! I’m not distracted by the words lower down on the page but the ones right below the kanji throw me off.

  2. I’d love to pass on a screen during reviews. Sometimes I know I know something but I need something to interrupt a stuck thought process. Being able to pass - but still having to answer in the same session - is something I’d love.

Would anyone else find either of those useful?


This script should cover your first request (if you don’t mind installing user scripts):

As for the second, I don’t think a script like that exists. Sometimes I just refresh when I want to review an item later. I agree that this could be a useful feature to have built into WaniKani, though you could also argue that if you have to think about it you don’t know it well enough anyway.


Thanks, seanblue! I’ll have to look into using scripts. Do you know if this would work on iPhone/Safari? 99% of my studying is on the go. Which is too bad, since my fat fingers make a ton more mistakes on my phone than on my keyboard at home.

I suppose you could argue that you don’t know it well enough, but for me, it’s literally some sort of mental block that happens as often in English (which I feel pretty good about having spoken it for, well… how many years just doesn’t matter). I’ll look at a kanji and something will get stuck, but if I process a few others I have immediate recall when it comes around again. I just hate being busted to apprentice when that happens!

Unfortunately scripts can’t be run on iPhone.

Now I’m sad. But thanks all the same – hopefully someone else will find this helpful. Thanks!

You can if you install Yandex browser, which is the only mobile browser I know that can run plugins (at least in Android, don’t know if it’s available for iOS). Then you look for Tampermonkey’s plugin in the chrome web apps store and install it, and you’re ready to install the linked plugin

For the second request, if I’m understanding it correctly, you can use this script.

It’s called Wanikani Review Item Delay and when I can’t remember something and need to take a moment and review other stuff first, I press the delay button and it moves it to the end of the queue. Or, you can get the reorder script and just keep reordering. I also do this sometimes, so that the item doesn’t go to the end of the queue but just gets shuffled back up.

And like someone else said, you can also just refresh the page, but the scripts are easier imo.

Again, it’s a script, so you have to be able to install or add it on a computer or use the thing jonanaht said for your mobile.

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This is absolutely me. I also cycle through the items many times before tackling the quiz, and my hand has been getting tired from being held up to hide the meaning, so many thanks to @seanblue for pointing me in the direction of that script!

I created a modified version of the script that only hides the meaning for vocab since that’s the only type I try to guess.

You did? :eyes: is it available to others to download? Or is it an easy change I can make to the code myself?

I’ll post the code snippet when I get home. It was an easy change, but I don’t remember it offhand.

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Thank you, that’s awesome!

Me too! I like to get through reviews quickly, without wasting too much time on each, and it’s annoying when the translation is just eluding me. I would love to move the occasional word to the end of the queue and keep going with the others.

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