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Hello fellow WaniKani-ers!

I’ve been learning Japanese on/off (mostly off) for the past 6ish years and, it’s got to be said, it’s so darn hard to remember vocab, kanji and the strangest of phrases when you have no one to practice with but your inner consciousness…

So! I’m here to ask for your best ‘tried and tested’ ways to make sure that what goes in, stays up there.

All help is appreciated greatly and I’ll definitely make an effort to implement them into my currently non-existant routine :slight_smile:

P.S add your shiritori contribution to the end of your tip :wink:


There is no trick. If you don’t use it, you lose it.
Whenever I hear someone says that they’re on and off, it means they aren’t interested in it anymore.

What is your reason for studying Japanese? Keep working toward that goal.

Do you want to read anything? How about a light novel?
Don’t say you’re not not ready for it yet. Learn new words and grammar outside of WaniKani.

Do you like anime?
Trying singing a song in Japanese. Try watching without subtitles.

Do you like music?
Try following a band. There are lots of groups/idols out there and their members tweet constantly. 140 characters is a lot in Japanese but it’s sill small.

Make studying a daily routine just like how you would spend some time going to the gym, school, work, or doing any of your other hobbies.

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Try Bunpro. It’s free. It’s like Wanikani but for grammar. You can input you WK code so it knows which kanji you know. Also kaniwani for extra practice on vocab.

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