Remembering the location and time of doing a specific card

I find myself often reminiscing and remembering the time of when I first encountered a kanji or vocabulary word whenever doing Burns and Enlightens. For example, I just reencountered 究明 and immediately remembered the exact time and place where I first encountered that word as an Apprentice/Guru (that one specifically was in the upstairs portion of a beach house on the coast of Texas lol).

This happens to me almost every single time I do reviews, especially if I haven’t seen it in a month or a few months. I get mini bursts of nostalgia every time I do reviews. It’s almost scary how I remember the time and place where I first encountered a word or kanji. I find it quite odd that I would subconsciously memorize the exact place I was when I first encountered each card. Maybe I tend to use my surroundings to help memorize each card, so naturally I remember the time and place whenever I reencounter cards.

Anyone else experience this? I’d love to hear if so, specific examples, or to flat out be told that this never happens to anyone else.



I kind of have a similar experience with some cards, like the time where I asked my japanese teacher the reading for 睡 when it was still apprentice (haven’t gotten the reading wrong since). But not as often as you seem to!

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Yep, I get it a lot.

“I learned this card while I was going under that bridge”

“I learned this card in that class.”

“I learned this card in the library”.

It’s funny though. I like it xD


I guess any external subconscious memory of encountering a card would count lol. Like remembering you saw that word in a manga last week or something the second you see the word/kanji

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Yeah I more or less get that. Usually my lessons are while just sitting at my desk at home, but the apprentice reviews I usually associate with what issue I was working on at work since I do reviews at work all the time have a really good memory.

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