Remaining Items on Current Level, During New Level?

If I understand what you’re asking, when I get to a new level I go to the vocab page and look at the list of vocab for each level. It will give you a count of how many are unlocked for lessons based on the kanji you already know. If you start a new lesson I’m pretty sure it’ll by default have the stats in the top corner of “R, K, V”. If you subtract the number of unlocked vocab from the new level from the number after V it should show you how many vocab is still from the previous level. So for example when I just hit level 7 I had 46 vocab lessons left. I checked the vocab list and it said I had only unlocked 30 vocab from level 7, so I knew I had 16 level 6 vocab lessons left before I got to the level 7 radicals.

EDIT: obviously this won’t work for determining how many older level vocabs you haven’t guru’d, but I think there is a script for that. Would this userscript work for you? You can edit it slightly to make it display if you have ANY unguru’d items from older levels, rather than just if it’s under 90%. It won’t give you a list, though, just numeric value. You’ll have to edit the script slightly with a fix that’s near the bottom of the thread to get it to work after an old dashboard update, but the script itself still works. I fiddled around with it too to try to get it to also display the current dashboard details of the current level items, since by default it’ll replace those individual item progress markers with just the bar charts. (I would share that in a DM but I don’t really feel confident enough in my js to share the changes publicly since they might break other things).

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