Relax while hearing Japanese help

Hi all, i’ve gathered that the psychological aspect in aquiring a language is at least important as the practical.

A main aspect is to be able to hear japanase without interfering it with thoughts of translation, getting used to the language, as a toddler is feeling safe in a language he doesn’t yet fully understand. That’s the foundation to fluency.

How to do that? The brain auto translates to english even when i understood it! and ‘only japanese’ givining me a bit of anxiety! What do you do expept just training again and again trying to relax and listen at the same time?


Don’t overthink it. Translating in your head is part of the way to intuitively understanding a language.
That’s how it was when I was learning english through exposure. At first I was always translating it to german in my head, but overtime I just knew what the english words meant like they were new german words.

So, don’t sweat it and just let it sink in. :slight_smile:

I’d also like to recommend Kizuna AI for listening practice. It’s a youtube channel with an “AI” character. She has a pretty soothing and relaxing voice and it’s really nice to just listen to.


Like @Powerpuncher said, don’t sweat it too much. It’s definitely good to be aware of that potential issue because if you rely too heavily upon that method of understanding, it could cripple your ability to quickly comprehend your second language. Simply having awareness of that will help.

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Like others have said, don’t overthink. In my case, when I start listening Japanese sound-only dramas, I also panicked at first because I can’t understand a damn thing. But I pushed through the entire material (mainly because I want to know what’s the story is all about). After listening to it, I can barely understand what happened. It gets better with time. Up until now, I still listen to Japanese drama cds, but I won’t say I understand it 100% because some vocabs I don’t know just pop out sometimes :sweat_smile:

So what I’m saying is to just listen to it. Try not to translate the words you cannot understand, just let the conversation/dialogue flow. Get your head be used to the accent, intonation, word pronunciation of Japanese. It’s also a good idea to start with Japanese songs first, then some conversations, before any long Japanese dialogues/movies/radio. I know some friends too, learning different language, that they play a really long video/podcast featuring that language and sleep through it (there are apparently some scientific basis if this is effective or not, as a general way of studying anything, but I’m not quite sure.).


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