Reduce width of "critical condition items" list


I wonder why you keep this list so wide. The result is that the kanji are very small to be read properly and that huge amount of space in the middle is not used (screenshot in attachment).
Wouldn’t be better to drastically reduce that space and to use a bigger font for the kanji so that they are quickly readable? It would become a much more useful part of the UI.

What do you think?

Are you using a styling script? I think it’s normally only 1/3 of the width of the page.

Hm, no, that’s part of WK’s responsive layout styling. Once the window/browser gets too small to contain all three columns, they get repositioned from being positioned horizontally to vertically.

Width over 800px:

Width less than 800px:

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Ahh. The smallest screen I use is a 10" tablet, so it makes sense that I hadn’t seen that yet.

I am talking about this page . The dedicated page of the critical items. There is only one column in there.
If it is because of the responsiveness, wouldn’t it be just a matter of few CSS rules in this page in this particular table? (granted that you think it would be useful. Otherwise, no problem :slight_smile: )

I had no idea there were a page like that


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