Recommendations for RTK1?

Which is the best Anki deck to be used for Heisig’s ‘Remembering the Kanji’?

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None, Anki sucks. I also wouldn’t do WK and RTK at the same time. They have different radicals and you’ll get confused in some cases… but that’s the lesser problem.

The real problem is that Anki sucks.


I don’t know if we can share these kind of links here, but I briefly used the one called “All in One Kanji Deck (Heisig’s RTK Order, 6th edition)”. It has all the RTK + extra kanji, but it follows the same order as RTK at first, so you don’t need to change anything.

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I picked up the one they recommend in the MIA community. This is the page where they explain about it. It has the most frequent 1000 kanji to start.

I did alter it a bit, and add the rest of Kanji while following the book.


Mine was looking like this. Basically I liked the idea of having different font types there.

The original one got the english key word and the mnemonic. :+1:

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After some failed attempts at learning Japanese early on, I no longer believe in using other people’s Anki decks. The only way is to build your own deck from scratch, with the simplest possible cards. Sure you’re just duplicating what other people have already made, but the act of making it is where a lot of the learning happens.
However it’s also worth noting that if you do WaniKani all the way through, RTK is no longer necessary. They’re two different approaches to learning the same stuff.



No matter how much I love this show, I think the “only way” approach is non existent here.
I won’t say I prefer Anki + RTK, WK or writing in the palm of my hand every now and then, as the SRS is mostly a gag to the actual usage of the language (which if any feels to me like “the” way to learn) :smile: .

Whatever floats your boat “approach” that keeps you engaged enough to come back during the months that you’ll be giving the first steps in the language should be ok, until when you can finally use whatever you’ve learned and still retain in a significant way.


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