Recommendation - Increased weight on critical items by total incorrect responses

It seems that critical items are based on how many mistakes are made in a row. However I have some, lets say difficult to remember long term, items that have been bouncing around without getting burned for years because I keep getting fumbled up after the enlightened stage. I think these should eventually become a very high critical item, as I am obviously having trouble getting that final burn in.

I feel like each time something reaches the Enlightened Stage and fails to burn (after the first fail to burn), it should get a permanent 5% critical item modifier while sitting in any stage except Enlightened (because I don’t want anymore clues for items in the Enlightened stage).

This might make it easier to burn these items, but it seems some items just bounce around in there forever because they don’t receive enough attention.


I would love if WK made critical items meaningful. I’m sure there’s a reasonable algorithm they can adopt.

Either fix the section so it provides a modicum of value or remove it.