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That’s exactly the kind of line I would expect from an imposter! You have ousted yourself sir!

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Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I’m going to close the thread for now as I think there’s been enough ideas, but if you have more, please email us.

We’re a bit busy for the rest of the year though so it may not be until early next year if we do make changes, but don’t worry, we’ll look through all your comments and discuss what can be done to improve the Community.

In the meantime, it would be really helpful if everyone reviewed the Community Guidelines again and just keep in mind that there are people of all ages and backgrounds here. What you type may not come across in the same tone to another, and their understanding of the topic may be completely different.

For those who are already being mindful and respectful, thank you! Really helps to have you all trying to keep the Community an inclusive place for anyone learning Japanese :crabigator: :heart: