Received Wanikani loot in a super unexpected way (and a code for a year of WK!)

Hey guys, I just came back from the Pacific Northwest Japan Bowl competition for high school students studying Japanese. In short, it’s a game-show style event that tests students on their knowledge of all things Japan (except for anime, which, I frankly didn’t mind this field being largely excluded). Well, I was aware that Koichi lives in Portland, but I didn’t expect Tofugu/Wanikani to be a sponsor of this event, or at least, involved to an extent. Among other things, my team’s second place reward was none other than:

On the back of the sheet with the girl chilling is the code for one year of WK. This assortment of Tofugu goodies was given to each person in second place of the three divisions (levels 2, 3, 4). Of course, I made sure to tell the others who received WK codes that it’s a super effective resource. I was just in disbelief that I received WK-related material, despite that I should have probably assumed that Tofugu sponsors a number of PNW Japan-related activities. Great way to end the night and I wanted to share this with you guys. Japan Bowl event was very nice.


This is incredible! One more reason that the WK team is an excellent one :v:


That’s so awesome!! Congratulations! (And those stickers are so cool!!!)



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Congratulations! :+1:

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