Recall Practice

Hey! Just wondering what is the best time to start recall practice and what is the best website for it?

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Recall? Like WaniKani? :sweat_smile:

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no, wanikani only helps you recognise the words. So, it is fine if you are reading but for writing and talking you need to recall the vocab and kanji so you can use them.

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Believe is WaniKani but for recall. That might be grossly underselling the site, but if memory serves they have recall practice.


ic thanks i’ll check it out!

Probably not what you’re looking for exactly, but the takoboto app, and other apps as well like anki or benkyou, have a quiz function where you can choose what you want them to show you, be it the japanese, kana, etc.

Like you say, that recall is basically for output, so outputting is good practice.

Maybe try some of the threads here, like sentence a day.

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Kame Same uses only Japanese input to recall kanji and words, so I use instead as it allows you to type romaji which converts into kana like wanikani.

Kame Same is probably useful if you want to be able to text message or write emails or something on a PC in future.


I am currently using both, especially because I haven’t decided yet which one to use for long-term. Kaniwani is nice for PC learning, especially if you don’t want to install an IME (or whatever it’s called). I use Kamesame on my iPad where I could setup Japanese input quickly. In general I use these websites at a laid-back pace and when I have nothing to do.

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What does this phrase mean?


I completely forgotten that KaniWani existed I used to use it in the past. Now, I just have to wait for the website to update to say i’m not level 11 anymore

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Production/output is quite different from digestion/input, but the key to both is building a large and strong vocabulary.

Practicing one helps the other for sure, but I think the best way to build vocabulary is with massive amounts of input (reading/listening).

For output, I think it’s most helpful to just speak Japanese as much as possible, even if you are just talking to yourself: “I’m putting my shoes on and getting ready to go outside. Oh, look, a red fire engine. What should I have for breakfast?”

Speaking is hard as it requires grammar, vocabulary, and production (concept to word). Low expectations help!


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