Really really stuck

A few things I do that might help:

  1. I use the script “ConfusionGuesser” which will show the kanji/word you are most likely confusing this one with. Very useful for things like seeing 横 and typing “yellow” when “yellow” is 黄, for instance. It will (with pretty good accuracy) show you which one you are confusing it with and then you can focus on the differences.

  2. Right after a review, spend a few minutes studying the ones you got wrong again. Then wait 10 minutes and look at them one more time. Then leave them for the next review (don’t want to mess up the SRS system, after all).

  3. If you notice yourself constantly confusing some kanji or vocab, especially ones that look similar (for me 矢 and 失, or 未 and 末, or 礼 and 札, 部屋 and 部室) then write them down on paper and make up mnemonics for the differences. This can also help you to remember that these are ones you have trouble with and not to rush when reviewing them (i.e. not to glance quickly and type the wrong answer, when you would get it right if you just looked at it again).

  4. Occasionally check out Wkstats’ item list or similar tool to find your leeches (on Wkstats, the ones which are a different color than the other items learned at the same level) and review those. For example, I just checked and the level 4 kanji 氷 is a problem for me – probably because I often glance at it too quickly and confuse it with 永 or 水 – as is the vocabulary 早々, which I know I usually mess up the English translation for because it means quickly while 早 means early.