Reading Your Own Learned Words

You aren’t expected to be able to read without having to look up words for a looong time, and certainly not by only learning words through wanikani. So I recommend just doing exactly that, for webpages, install something like yomichan or whatever the currently loved rewrite is, since that will allow you to look up words on the fly, and for books, just having a dictionary open on the side is very helpful. For a dictionary, most people go with Jisho, but I also recommend Jotoba as an up and coming option.

How quickly you will be able to pick up a book and read it reasonably well depends on how early you start wading through books. At this point I recommend trying to join your first book club, the Absolute Beginner’s Book Club is having it’s next book start in a month or so, but you can also join the currently running book, or any of the earlier ones.