Reading Vol. 13・ゆるキャン△・ Laid-Back Camp 🏕 (Beginner Book Club)

Yeah I was going to buy the physical copies, but since I’ve read the first 5 volumes I might just join the live readings if people still want to do those. I’m trying to figure out purchasing Fruits Basked on the Japanese Amazon right now though haha… 怖い


Update 1: aaaaand my account has been suspended for some reason


… what did you do?!

Use a VPN :stuck_out_tongue:


I had to send them pictures of my credit card and ID. Didn’t get an error e-mail ordering this time so I guess it went fine. 1500JPY shipping :smile:…heh


A mixture of slacking and life put be behind (a lot) with this book. However the difficulty is perfect so Im still trudging along with the help of the vocabulary sheet (thank you so much!)

I have ordered the next book (Flower Basket), but it looks like it will be late. So in the meantime I will catch up with this one :slight_smile:
Just wanted to post this to get my mind straight and hold myself accountable

Thank you for coming to my tedTalk


Feel free to ask more questions in the older threads if anything hasn’t been answered already :slightly_smiling_face:

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Finally getting over my personal hangups and I’m determined to be part of the Vol 2 reading from the beginning! I was a little anxious with my Japanese in trying to catch up with Vol 1, but once I dug down and committed, I was surprised at how much I was actually able to read through.

That was thanks in large part to the awesome community efforts in updating the vocabulary spreadsheet. I can’t thank you guys enough for putting that together. It saved my butt from stumbling through Jisho trying to piece together kanji that I don’t know (of which there is a lot). Grammar is still kind of messy for me, but this has been a great way for me to just practice and get exposed to more of it.

My goal is to get caught up completely before this week ends so I can at least have finished Vol 1 before it’s totally over haha. Excited to join y’all for the next one!


Ooh, welcome to the forums! :crabigator:

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Fruits. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m so excited this is continuing! I’ve been reading a digital copy, but just bought the first three physical volumes yesterday!


Hey everyone! In the last live reading sessions, there was only 4 of us. Maybe people just lost interest, or maybe the time doesn’t suit them anymore. Would you guys like for the live reading time to be changed?

  • I would like the time to be changed
  • I am just busy/lost interest and the time is fine
  • The time is fine and I am planning to participate

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I miss the option ‘I keep forgetting’ :sweat_smile:


I’m never at the readings due to a scheduling conflict, but didn’t want to click the “busy” option because it was grouped with “lost interest” :sweat_smile:
(I never lost interest)

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It doesn’t really matter to be honest. Think of it as “I’m busy” or “I lost interest”.

I’ll tag you in the next reminder post. Better make up for it by taking up a role in reading :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll set an alarm to remind me to log on! It’s not like I’ve got anywhere else to be (*shakes fist at coronavirus*) :grin:

What does ‘leading’ entail? All I know is that I’m a big wuss that’s too scared to read out Japanese.

“leading”? I’m gonna assume you meant “reading”. At the beginning of each sessions we divide the roles between us and I’m sure there’s going to be a minor role with only a couple of lines if you’re not feeling too confident about taking on one of the major ones. There’s nothing to be scared of, it’s really fun and nobody will judge you for a single thing. If anything, the whole point of this is to bring us out of our comfort zones and to make us forget the inhibitions we have put up around ourselves!


I skipped a couple of sessions because I hadn’t read the chapter in advance and I’m not at the level of understanding it on the fly. But the time is fine and I should be there for this week’s reading.

At some point I would like to try doing some minor role, but I didn’t want to do it while at my parent’s house because I don’t need an even larger audience :joy:


This week’s chapter has two characters who only say a couple of lines each. Otherwise, Rin has a bit less screentime than the other three.

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Gah, misread your post. I’d better brush up on my kanji then. The lack of furigana makes it very challenging!

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If you have the digital version, what helps me is I open in it Adobe Acrobat XI and add the furigana for the kanji I don’t know as floating boxes.

I decided not to go to the last week’s session cause I wanted to sleep in :sweat_smile: I think I’ll be good this week