Reading Vol. 13・ゆるキャン△・ Laid-Back Camp 🏕 (Beginner Book Club)

I was the one still doing it for the latest volumes, but I don’t think many people was using the vocab sheet 8 volumes in, and it hasn’t been updated since I stopped reading in the summer.

I’m now halfway through volume 10 and I have vocabulary lists for those chapters that I made for myself. I don’t mind sharing them if they’re helpful to you, but be aware that there might be words translated into Spanish from time to time, particularly with all of that geology and sea-related stuff :rofl:


Oh, neat! Mind to share for me? As long as I have the kanji list then I can edit the Spanish to my language :laughing:

At least I have to catch up the vocab first since my money are not enough them in a bulk :joy:

Sure, I’m not on my computer right now, but I’ll update the drive spreadsheet at some point this week.

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Great, thank you very much

Vocab spreadsheet is now updated up to what I’ve read (still lagging 2 volumes from the current point).

I might keep adding words in the future, but just as I thought I would have some time to read, more work has appeared, so not for now.

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Not sure if this is any news to you guys but it is to me. The 13th volume is coming out on 10.03. (at least according to Bookwalker)

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Heh, I just looked that up on Wikipedia myself last night. That’s got the same date. Guess we’ll be taking a short break.

And in other news, early advertising images for the movie (due to be released early summer in Japan) show that perhaps it’s going to be set a few years after the series.


I wonder how long will I have to wait for the BD release before I can actually watch the movie…


Well, here we go.

When should we move ahead?


I still plan to get a physical copy, though I confess I’m not too sure how long it usually takes to show up at my local Kinokinuya…


There’s no rush! Anyway, we will be stuck for a while after that volume.

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Heh, this also comes out this month:


But yeah, no sign of the actual volume 13 on the local Kinokinuya website just yet. Guess I’ll check again in a few days.


And there it is on the website. Now I’ve just gotta wait for the books themselves to show up in-store.


While refreshing the Kinokuniya site for the umpteenth time to see if it’s arrived yet, my eyes happened to land on the “other things by the same author” sidebar.

Turns out Afro also wrote Homura Tamura, my favourite Madoka spinoff manga by a long shot. That explains a lot. And re-reading it now, I can definitely see his style.

Edit @Naphthalene

I say. What could this be?


A plane? A birb? The dictatorship of the proletariat?

Ahem anyway, let’s start on Saturday then.


And the new thread is here!

Edit: ah, and a regular should change the thread title.

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While we wait for the next volume, have a look at the beginner book club poll!

Oh, I was gonna nominate Slow Loop. Keep getting advertising flyers for it in my Yuru Camp books. :slightly_smiling_face:

So, I checked the Comic Fuz listing for any indication on when volume fourteen will be coming out, and while it’s probably dangerous to attempt any inferences, volume thirteen had six chapters, and the second half of chapter 81 (the sixth chapter since the end of volume thirteen) is going to be released in ten days. So, volume fourteen… soonTM?

Meanwhile, I’ve discovered you can look at albums containing literally
taken by Afro, for free. Did he just dump his entire memory card onto the website? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Also, I was a little concerned that being shuffled off to Comic Fuz was a bad sign for Yuru Camp’s continued existence, but it’s listed as the third-most popular comic on the platform, so I guess it’s doing fine.)


Completely random, but I was checking the camping guidebooks at my local bookstore today, and I found one that was ゆるキャン△ based! I wanted to take a picture, but there was a staff stocking the shelves right next to me. (I also couldn’t check inside because it was wrapped in plastic film)

I found it online though:

Apparently it’s related to season 1 of the anime? There’s also one for season 2.