Reading Vol. 13・ゆるキャン△・ Laid-Back Camp 🏕 (Beginner Book Club)

Sure, no problem. They don’t take time anyway.


Thank you! I believe everything is ready to go today then.


It’s currently rather closer to tomorrow than today. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just cos you live on the wrong side of the world :stuck_out_tongue:


Same side of the world as Japan. The Emperor’s time zone. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I am going to post this in every ongoing offshoot club:

The Beginner Club is currently voting on our next pick!

You should vote :wink:

Hi! I’m new to the book club and slightly confused is there multiple beginner book clubs?

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Volume 1 of this series was a book in the Beginner Book Club, but we decided to keep reading subsequent volumes as an offshoot club, while the Beginner Book Club itself went on to read a different book.


I see! Thank you for your response!

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Check out the Master List of Bookclubs for a bit more clarification and to see what else has been read/is being read.

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I will do that thank you :slight_smile:

Actually the title of this thread confused me earlier as well (wait, weren’t they reading haikyuu? :thinking:). Might be worth changing it to make it clear this is an offshoot


I’ve left the title as is for consistency, but I’ve added a bit more explanation to the first sentence in the OP - do you think that works / make sense?

no one ever reads the introductory post

It’s not a big problem either way, but I think it’s the title that’s a bit misleading

Would it be less confusing if the title had “Home Thread” in it? :thinking:

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As in, you think this is the Beginner Book Club thread itself when you see it pop up in the list? I’d like to be clear what exactly is confusing before trying to fix it!

I know they don’t read the posts ordinarily, but I live in hope that people sometimes take a look when they’re actively confused about something like how many volumes we’re reading.

@Redglare - I think we actually stopped adding ‘Home Thread’ to the titles because they were getting super unwieldy, and it seemed self-evident.


Yeh this

TBH I’m not entirely sure why we need Beginner Book Club in the titles of the offshoot clubs. They’re already linked in the actual beginner book club, and the offshoots themselves aren’t the beginner book club themselves. Seems like that information can go in the opening post rather than the title to me.

Also just had a look at the other offshoots and titles seem quite inconsistent.

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It’s basically to increase visibility, particularly for those who aren’t avid forum participants. Once we open up a home thread it usually experiences vastly more activity than the BBC thread itself, so it’s helpful if potential members can see that it’s a Beginner Book Club club (!) when it pops up on the home page.

I can get rid of it if it’s confusing people - perhaps keep it for the one current pick? - but we’ll have to ask the thread owners or mods for the ones I didn’t make - all the ones before Zenitendou.

This is also the convention used by the other clubs (I note one or two inconsistencies in past IBC threads), so if it’s a problem it should be raised across the board.

In what way? I thought all the ones I’d done were the same, barring the introduction and placement of emojis, and the slight wording difference NicoleRauch uses to specify the current volume of Fruits Basket. I also abbreviated it to BBC for 霧のむこうのふしぎな町 because it was too long. They all have the club affiliation included at the end of the title though.

ah the post zenitendo ones are consistent, it’s a bit of a hodgepodge before that though.

I am in favour of this, but it’s not that big a deal - I wasn’t expecting anyone to take my original comment so seriously :sweat_smile:

But yeah, I definitely agree that the home thread for the current BBC (I still can’t get used to this acronym, I keep expanding it to British Broadcasting Corporation) should be labeled as such.



I’m pretty much the only one who uses it, I think - and I’m British :grin: but I just can’t be bothered with writing out the whole thing. Similarly I use ABC rather than ABBC because it pleases me.