Reading Vol. 13・ゆるキャン△・ Laid-Back Camp 🏕 (Beginner Book Club)

Buy the ebook? I find that preferable anyway, allows me to convert it to a pdf and annotate it :slight_smile:


Like @nienque said, the ebook is still a good option! I find it comfortable to read manga on a tablet, and being able to zoom in on those tiny kanji is :sparkles:


Gotcha, I’m in!

Found surprisingly easy to convert kebup to pdf (but didn’t work for other books tho)


Not entirely sure if I’ll be available for this week’s live reading. We’ll see what’s happening.

Maybe I can disappear from what I’ve got on. It starts three hours before the reading, so perhaps they’ll have stopped paying attention to me by the time the reading starts. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hope I’m not intruding, but what is the entry level for these book clubs? I feel like a beginner, but the current book synopsis on rakutenkobo has many new kanji for me.
I see you are all halfway through it already, so I’ll skip this one. Is there perhaps a rough idea of when another book will be read (more geared to my level)?

The book club will start to read フルーツバスケット starting June 20th. See here.

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Thanks for the link! I’m not very familiar with the wanikani forums yet. I’ll stick to practising my vocab and start tackling some Japanese grammar. I don’t even feel like I qualify for the absolute beginner books :grimacing:


No need to rush. You can find some sample pages for every book to see if the difficulty is right for you.


The Master List of Book Clubs is probably the best place to find out about all the upcoming books.

The book clubs names are a bit odd because the Beginner club originally split off from what is now the Intermediate club - so it was definitely beginner in comparison! - and then the Absolute Beginner club was created to read even easier material aimed more at young children.

You can’t really start reading before you’ve learnt any grammar though. I’d also say that grammar is probably more crucial than vocabulary, as the latter is easy to look up.

So, Absolute Beginner is probably aimed at around N5 level learners, although native material does not align with JLPT material and thus you are always going to encounter unknown grammar. If you feel like you wouldn’t be able to manage that (note that they don’t read the material very fast, and of course you have all the help of your peers), I’d recommend checking out something like graded readers first, or things like assisted readers.

There is a graded reader book club to give you some ideas and support there, and there is a reading resources thread which has lots of link to different options, including some free.


So, my school year is ending on Friday (tomorrow) and we were supposed to have a barbecue party with the teachers on Saturday afternoon (I’m finishing senior year of highschool). Turns out we moved it a bit earlier and I have to get there at 2020-05-30T08:00:00Z so I won’t be able to make it to the drama reading :disappointed_relieved:


Penultimate week?!


The time flies so fast… It’s almost about week 6! Sadly due to unforseen circumstances I wasn’t able to join on time.

I will do my best to catch up using the threads from the previous weeks as a resource! They seem to be helpful.

I hope I will have something interesting to add for the week 7!


Anyone on at the moment? Live reading is on now!


Thanks for the reminder! I’m looking forward to listening in.

Edit: well done, everyone! I hope to be half as good as you all one day :slight_smile:


Lol what. It feels like we just started with the volume. :astonished:


Is it time to vote for the offshoot club yet?


It feels like it’s about time, yes, especially since people will need to buy the next books.

By the way, @Radish8, I can take care of putting up the threads, if we keep reading the series.

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Oh alright, I was gonna wait till the last week but the pressure is getting to me :stuck_out_tongue:

People are clamouring so much that I can’t imagine we won’t have an offshoot club, so I’ll just ask whether people intend to take part :grin:

Are you planning to read volume 2 with the club?

  • Yes
  • Nope

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As for start dates - I’m assuming we want to leave a reasonable number of weeks because of issues with shipping right now? Combine that with the fact that those reading フルーツバスケット might want to get a couple of weeks in before adding something else on the side, and the 11th of July looks sensible…? Or perhaps the week after that, to give us 6 weeks from when these polls close.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

When do you want to start?

(I’m taking the “not a fan” option to be a vote for the 27th of June, unless you tell me otherwise by commenting)

  • 11th July
  • 18th July
  • Not a fan of either of those options (please comment)

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Thank you :blush:

I think we should probably go for one thread per volume from the start though. Having a post to start the week off like we’re doing for Flying Witch works well, even if you have quite a number of comments per week, and the comments always peter out eventually such that it feels a bit silly doing weekly. I reckon just switch it up before that has a chance to happen.

In which case I’m happy to make the occasional threads themselves, if you want to do the weekly posts? Or is that just unnecessary faff? :laughing: I just feel like I want to maintain some kind of connection to my nomination :sob:


I plan to focus more on the intermediate club books and the re-read of 魔法の宅急便 (along with watching some anime), so sadly I won’t be continuing with this one.


These options are too far off for my taste, but your reasoning with regards to other book clubs definitely makes sense. :+1: