Reading Vol. 11・ふらいんぐうぃっち・Flying Witch (Beginner Book Club) 🧹

I already read it, but I’ll probably lurk.


Lurkers always welcome :wink:


My books are sadly still in Japan and I won’t be back until April, so I won’t be able to read volume 2 with you guys.


Maybe you could watch the appropriate episodes of the anime just to be able to comment on the story :grin:

Maybe! But I’ll be able to catch up and be ready for volume 3 if enough people are interested in continuing this series. :blush:


Finished volume 1 today! So I’m all caught up and super excited to start the second volume! :sparkles: :dancer:

Question: what age group is this manga generally recommended for? It was my first book that didn’t feel as specifically aimed at really young children, and (except for the dad’s speech bubbles) I got through it just fine with the furigana and my dictionary (can’t wait to get further along on WK to be less reliant on furigana).

It felt like a really good stepping stone to the Beginner Book Club, and I’ll be trying some of the other previously read titles too, if any of them are around a similar level. :slight_smile:


Nice work! Glad to have you with us for volume 2 :blush: if you’re looking at other past BBC manga picks, I’d probably take a look at Aria and Girls’ Last Tour. Of the other manga we’ve done they’re probably the closest in difficulty (Girls’ Last Tour doesn’t have furigana, but the vocab sheet should help you out there).


Thank you for the recommendations! I’ll definitely check those out :slight_smile:

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It was originally published in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine - as you might be able to tell from the name, that’s a shonen magazine, which means the target audience is teenage boys. It really doesn’t feel like your typical shonen manga, though (and it shares its magazine with series like Attack on Titan, UQ Holder and Shin Sekai Yori…)


Oh thank you for that info! I’ll have a nosey around the shonen (and maybe shojo?) categories on Amazon later. :slight_smile:

(I’d have thought this book would be aimed at 12 year old girls, rather than 12 year old boys though :sweat_smile:)


Searched but could not find, apologies if it has been asked already.
What level of wanikani is sufficient for knowing the majority of the vocab / kanji already?

I don’t think anybody knows. Definitely not a very high one, and it’s not that important because there will be a vocab sheet and you’ll be looking up words anyway (and thus kanji, too). Also there’s furigana.

You can also look at the preview on one of the various ebook websites to get an impression.


I know that some users have scripts to check that (@ChristopherFritz maybe? Apologies if I am wrong) but that would require inputting all the text of the volume manually, which is time consuming. I don’t think it will happen :thinking:


You’re correct that I have a script which is based on keying in all the text (yes, very time consuming!). It’s only really good at kanji per WaniKani level at the moment, and not vocabulary. I could run the vocab spreadsheet’s kanji through when I have a chance, but that’s limited by not including all words, and repeated words appear only once.


Aye, I’ve got a lookup table in a Google spreadsheet that I can use to generate some numbers, but first I’d need an easy way to get all of the kanji out. And it’s just kanji also, not vocab.


Am I the only one who’s just super lazy and doesn’t crunch any numbers?


Ah, the hard part was making the lookup table in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes… hehehe Numbers are awesome!

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Hello! There was a discussion earlier how manga text is not available as plain text, hence cannot be parsed thru floflo or something.
When I translate, I had to type the text into spreadsheet anyway (or copy from forum discussion).
So I did it for pages 5-7 of Flying Witch Volume 2 yesterday. I copied it to
shared vocab spreadsheet.

Requesting feedback:

  • do you want me to continue
  • if yes, is the format good
  • if yes, does anyone want to proof-read?

I will most probably finish Chapter 7 (and probably start on Chapter 8) before Feb 15th. It is not that laborious if done in chunks, and it’s a good hiragana reading practice, plus a prerequisite to be able to translate in my case.


Just a warning that the episode 2 of anime (the second half) covers Chapter 7 in its entirety. So it’s a spoiler of sorts. Not that I mind. If you into cooking, you will like it.