Reading Vol. 11・ふらいんぐうぃっち・Flying Witch (Beginner Book Club) 🧹

You guys! Thanks for the speedy help and pro-tips. Picked up the free copies on Bookwalker, and may experiment with kobo as well (and the VPN!)!


On which note, please consider voting in this poll :joy:


so unfair…I’m too slow … there’s no way I can do both! :pensive:

but I wanna do both! arg… :pleading_face:


Update: added new deck with vol 1-8 vocab. still the same format.

Hey everyone I am late to the party but I decided to try reading manga now and finish before vol 2 starts.
I wanted to study some of the vocab before reading so I took the vocab sheet and did some very hard and crazy magic to get it formatted properly and imported into Anki and did some magic there as well.
I did not change any definitions or notes all of it was copied from the vocab sheet.
I used a Anki addon to import audio for the cards so most of them have audio(some don’t like names and other odd words).

The deck is set up like this:

I hope anyone that is going to read it in the future will get good use out of this deck you can download it here:


Huh. I have a copy of volume two.

Wh… when did I buy that?


It was free at some point (together with Vol. 1 iirc) so I guess you just pocketed it back then :wink:


Well, it’s a physical copy, so unless you’re implying I walked into Kinokuniya and literally pocketed it…


Clearly you have a device that can take digital books and materialize them into actual books.


Oh, hehe… Well in that case, maybe you were quite enthusiastic about that manga at some point? So enthusiastic that you got amnesia from it? :thinking:


Aww I wish I’d seen that these books were free just a few weeks ago :sweat_smile:

I just read the first couple of chapters tonight on bilingual manga (skipped over some obvious errors and weird formatting), and I’d like to join in for volume 2 if it’s still planned! So far it seems quite easy to understand, with fewer dictionary lookups than with some of my other books :sweat_smile:

I’m going to buy the kindle books and try and finish the first volume this week or next :slight_smile:


I’m so in.


How necessary is it to have read volume 1?

Volume one introduces the characters and setting, but otherwise there’s not too much in the second volume that relies on plot elements from the first.

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If you have access to the anime, I think the first 3 episodes + the 5th cover the content of the first volume and a little bit of the first chapter of the second volume, so that could be an easy way to catch up.

Edit: skip ep 4! Also some random editor on Wikipedia decided to remove the correspondance between anime episodes and manga chapters. I had to hunt it down in the edits (although it might have just been moved somewhere else, I just couldn’t find it)


Actually I think you want just the first three episodes. You’ll miss one chapter of volume 1 and gain one chapter from volume 2, but episode four is solidly volume 2 chapters so definitely don’t watch that! Otherwise it’s pretty solid.

Drat, you edited :grin:


As we’re two weeks away from starting Volume Two, I thought it might be useful to get an idea of how many people are planning to join in.

Are you planning to read ふらいんぐうぃっち Vol. 2 with us?

  • I am indeedy
  • No, but I like to clicky clicky

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I haven’t decided yet. :slight_smile:


I’ll keep the poll open at least until we have your click one way or the other :wink:


I’ll just vote yes. I already have a free copy so I might as well. :man_shrugging:


Want to… But still on page 51 of the other book…it’s been a really bad couple of weeks… Feels like I am in too far into this book now to give up… So I’ll read this, but we’ll have to be my next book when I finish the evil one full of hiragana that’s slowly killing me. :wink: