Reading Vol. 11・ふらいんぐうぃっち・Flying Witch (Beginner Book Club) 🧹

Yeah this. We’ll see. ^^

You can always pause Kiri for a bit and read a manga with us for a break :wink: I think reading in the group is more fun!


I voted yes, but I am also a maybe. I enjoyed the first volume but find myself losing interest as we read through the second.

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reading is more fun…when I get caught up with the “what I already know” homework assignments… :wink: I have a feeling this whole book is gonna go really really fast…except for some new vocab here and there …thankfully I could guess some of it based on context and kanji readings

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Which book is the new teacher using with you?

haha hi-jacking another thread I am.....

He is using the Marugoto Series goes all the way through C2. He started me at A1… which is fine…all review so it’s easy and good to refresh stuff I haven’t’ seen or praticed in a long time. If you wanna know more we can chat in the discord reading server if you want :wink:

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The hijackening

Are you sure about that? That statement got me fired up since it’s so hard to find textbooks at the C1 level (where I think I am) and above. Looking at their website, they only go up to B1 though :frowning:

I saw your post on discord but I feel that point should be addressed somewhere were everyone interested could see it.

more hijacking

You are correct…

I apparently lied haha (shame on me for assuming)
… the front of the textbooks have an A1-C2 on the cover and this inside

so I wrongly assumed they had books that went up to C2 level すみません。


joining the Maybe group

I’m interested in reading further but I don’t think I will manage to start reading beginning of April and thus will probably read at a later time (after the book club).

Okay, final week of this volume!

My copy of volume three definitely won’t arrive before we start, so I will make a discussion thread and fill in the details later. It’s fairly self-explanatory at this point so I don’t think it matters too much.

I condensed the volume 2 vocab sheets into one, because there weren’t so many words added per chapter.


I was curious how the vol.3 cover looked like and I found a good pic online:

Maybe we could use it for the weekly threads?


Discussion Thread for Volume 3 is here!

As discussed, there will be just the one thread. I’ll post a weekly reminder for each new chapter, with a participation poll, so make sure to set that thread to ‘watching’ if you want to be certain you’ll see those reminders.


I keep forgetting to post about this :sweat_smile:

What do people want to do about volume 4? There’s no way to buy a physical copy at the moment, but I’m probably happy stopping at three volumes anyway. It’s a lovely manga and I really enjoy reading something well within my ability level, but I’m trying to read more books right now so manga just aren’t a priority for me.

I’m very happy to make a thread for volume 4 even so, but I don’t know how many people want to keep going as a club, and whether you want to start straight after volume 3 or whether most people will be waiting on a physical copy?

just gonna tag current readers to make sure people see - sorry if you’ve already replied - @denzo @NicoleRauch @skymaiden @windupbird @Kappa420 @ChristopherFritz @2OC3aOdKgwSGlxfz


I’m not invested either way. I’m just reading this manga on the side because it has such a nice and relaxed atmosphere. Happy to follow a book club group, but also happy to continue reading on my own. (I already bought the next few volumes in digital form…)

Ooooh :slight_smile: Any specific plans so far?


It really is a joy to read - I feel bad dropping it, but I know I won’t manage to keep it up :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh yes :wink: I’m reading the second volume of Zenitendou starting in May (just under two weeks’ time), and then following that up with the Kiki repeat club!

Depending on how Kiki goes I might just go back to and stick with Zenitendou for a few books - it’s really nicely comfortable for me to read, so I actually feel like I’m tadoku’ing rather than slogging through :sweat_smile: otherwise, who knows. Might read more Kiki books, might start the Detective Alice series, might try コンビニ人間…


If we carry on as a bookclub I’ll read along. Otherwise, I’ll probably dip into this every now and again (when I’m feeling bad about my Japanese).

I’m in the middle of desperately trying to catch up to Kemono no Souja and there’s other interesting bookclubs starting soon…


Not sure I’m really entitled to a vote, since I haven’t been commenting in the threads and I’m often slightly behind on the reading, but :sweat_smile:
I bought all the volumes already, so getting a copy isn’t a problem for me personally. I’ll probably keep reading the series either way (or at least try to), but I will say that it helps me to have the external driver of a club thread and a schedule. It gives me some sort of push to keep reading regularly (ish) so that I don’t just let things drop for months at a time, or forever :upside_down_face:
My brain is a lazy bum a lot of the time :see_no_evil: Self-motivation is hard. But that shouldn’t really be anyone else’s problem, so I’m fine with whatever the club decides, whether it’s stopping, continuing straight on, or taking a hiatus :slight_smile:


I’m fine either way. I enjoy reading it and probably will continue to do so with or without the book club. Can always use this thread or repurpose the volume 3 thread in a general one so people who keep reading still have a place to ask questions.

Hah, yeah. Same here. Though the end of a book club is also a good opportunity to get into new, different manga/book/reading material.


I’m enjoying this series and will probably continue at least for the next volume, but don’t have any specific plans on when :blush: If anyone else is interested in reading together at some point, we could make a new thread like this one… I quite like the one-chapter-per-week schedule, it’s low effort but regular!

(Also thank you @Radish8 for having run the first 3! :sparkles:)


My thoughts are quite similar to the other current active readers. I pretty much stick to digital versions of manga these days, so I wouldn’t have any issues with reading the next volumes if the book club continues.

While I enjoy this manga and I think it’s fun, it’s not something that has high priority for me, so I’ll just put it on hold if the book club decides not to continue; but if we do I’ll be happy to participate and will keep reading.