Reading Vol. 11・ふらいんぐうぃっち・Flying Witch (Beginner Book Club) 🧹

We march ever onwards:


Third chapter already!



It’s still the 7th here


Poll time!

Do you want to continue with reading volume 3 as a club?

  • Yes
  • No

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When do you want to start (bearing in mind people might need to buy the next volume)?

  • 4th April (one week after finishing volume 2)
  • 18th April (five weeks after confirming volume 3, one week before BBC pick starts)
  • 25th April (six weeks after confirming volume 3)
  • 2nd May (seven weeks after confirming volume 3, one week after BBC pick starts)

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Do you want to continue using separate discussion threads for each chapter?

  • Have a fresh discussion thread for each chapter
  • Have one discussion thread for the whole volume (with weekly chapter start reminders)

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Penultimate chapter of volume 2!


Okay, we will be continuing with volume 3, starting on the 4th of April!

I will make one discussion thread for the volume, and post ‘week start’ reminders :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not totally confident that my copy will arrive in time, but I’m going to boldly assume that there are six chapters, and we’ll definitely start with the first :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you planning to read ふらいんぐうぃっち Vol. 3 with us?

  • Jawohl :broom:
  • Nope, just here for the clicks

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What is jawohl? :sweat_smile: (I clicked it as “yes”, but not entirely sure if that’s what it means)

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:ballot_box_with_check: Maybe?

I mean, I wasn’t planning to read volume two, until I discovered I’d already purchased it unconsciously.

It’s ja, but more so. :slightly_smiling_face: (Which is to say, “yes” in German.)


Sorry, I was making so many polls I felt the need to spice it up :sweat_smile: what Belthazar said - it has a kind of “of course” or “certainly” angle to it.


For me (being German :eyes:) it has a bit of a siryessir! military sound to me, but maybe it’s just me :joy_cat:


Oh no, that connotation has carried over to the English usage :slightly_smiling_face: not quite so intense as that, but has that kind of “certainly sir!” feeling.

Also it’s not that embedded in the language tbh :sweat_smile: I think I’ve only ever heard my uncle and my current manager use it in person, apart from myself…


Hah, interesting! Languages are so amazing…

To be clear, I found your use of it to be perfect, when applied with a mocking intonation (and if you want it to be really strong, maybe even with a mocking military-salute-like hand movement) :blush:


I’d like to imagine everybody saluting with the broom :grin:


I want to but got so behind on the other book … and added a second instructor on italki… one of the pro teachers…(after the first hour he realized I knew more than he thought so we went through several chapters in the first proper lesson)…now I somehow have 5 chapters of homework that has to be turned in this week… hehe

it’s not bad it’s easy stuff, but about 65 pages worth… lol

So I had to give up spending time slogging through the misty valley…just too much misty hiragana for me :wink: which kept me from diving into Vol2 of witchiness … So jealous of the new book club offerings too…I really wanna participate but I don’t have any time …thankfully these threads stay around!


Yeah this. We’ll see. ^^

You can always pause Kiri for a bit and read a manga with us for a break :wink: I think reading in the group is more fun!


I voted yes, but I am also a maybe. I enjoyed the first volume but find myself losing interest as we read through the second.

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reading is more fun…when I get caught up with the “what I already know” homework assignments… :wink: I have a feeling this whole book is gonna go really really fast…except for some new vocab here and there …thankfully I could guess some of it based on context and kanji readings

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Which book is the new teacher using with you?

haha hi-jacking another thread I am.....

He is using the Marugoto Series goes all the way through C2. He started me at A1… which is fine…all review so it’s easy and good to refresh stuff I haven’t’ seen or praticed in a long time. If you wanna know more we can chat in the discord reading server if you want :wink:

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