Reading Vol. 10・ふらいんぐうぃっち・Flying Witch (Beginner Book Club) 🧹

If anyone can produce one, I wouldn’t mind a list of episodes and which chapters they cover. I have the series on DVD but haven’t watched it yet, and would love to try watching episodes in Japanese without English subtitles after reading some chapters, but I’d rather not “watch ahead” of the manga material.

Otherwise, I’ll just wait until after we reach the end of the volume, then watch =)


The comparison is on Wikipedia, in the table of anime episodes. For example, first episode covers the first two chapters. The second episode covers chapters 5 and 7(so the second episode is already beyond the content of the first book :stuck_out_tongue: ), third episode covers 3 and 6… looks like a bit of a mess.


So, yeah, episodes 1-5 cover the story of the first book, but also half of volume 2. You can minimize the damage to only the first chapter of volume 2 by skipping episode 4, though.

Except for the first episode, you have almost no other choice.


Thanks for the information, @Naphthalene! It’s a bit disappointing, but I can live with it. I may decide after volume 1 whether I want to read volume 2 in Japanese, or just watch the anime and that’s that (plus potentially read the comics in English).

I’ll just tell myself I don’t have time to watch anime with all the manga I’m reading =D


Amazingly my copy arrived—two weeks late :unamused:. But I’m ready! がんばろう! :broom::star2:




Ok, someone needs to come and hold my hand and show me how books are sorted in Japanese bookshops, because I went into a Book Off today and still couldn’t find it. According to Wikipedia, it’s printed in Bessatsu Shonen Weekly by Kadokawa, but there’s neither a section for the magazine nor the publisher.

I did manage to find Yotsubato again, though. And another Madoka 4-koma that I would have bought if it had been volume one (it was volume three).


So relatable. :sweat_smile:

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There is a huge section for 講談社, but KC isn’t one of their label… it’s usually “KC something”.
I also failed to find it last time, but I was in a hurry. I’m planning to try again soon.
One thing I was thinking is that it could be a wide format, which is why I don’t know about that label… but looking at the size of the manga it seems to be standard size.

Wait. Kadokawa?
I just check Wikipedia just in case, but it says 講談社 though?

Edit: it seems to be the same label as Fairy Tail. I assume it’s easier to notice that series from afar.


I am so dumb. I kept looking in the seinen corner, but it’s a shonen manga…
I got confused by the fact they had both shonen and seinen on the same floor, but of course they are separated in practice…

Anyway, I secured my copy. The relevant label at book off is “magazine” and they’ve put it just after stuff from shonen jump. Plus, the author’s name starts with an い so flying witch is toward the beginning of that section.


Ah yeah, it says Kodansha. Where did I get Kadokawa from?

My English Flying Witches are standard size. Ooo, and UQ Holder is also in the same magazine.


Just got my copy! Lets do this.


Same! Finally, after about 3 weeks my copy arrived today, so excited! :grin:


Yeah made it through Page 21! Onto more tomorrow…

a gentle reminder about the vocab sheet…if you aren’t sure about the vocab list don’t add info…There were a couple of that were parsed wrong, a conjugated verb was parsed as an i-adjective, etc…it’s not the end of the world but could confuse some people…one had me puzzled for a few minutes :wink:

Post up here if you aren’t sure…There are really great people that can help! Then when you get the answer add that info to the spreadsheet if it hasn’t been added already.


Discovered there’s a Book Off about a block from my current hotel, so I thought I’d have another shot at finding Flying Witch. Finally managed to pin down the Kodansha section (after getting distracted by Kadokawa, again), and spent so long poking through titles that I was starting to get bored of the whole thing. Checked Wikipedia again, and realised Attack on Titan was in the same magazine, and I ought to have been able to spot a shelf full of Attack on Titan from a mile off, so there’s no way it was there. So I asked a staff member where to find Attack on Titan.

It was upstairs. Turns out I’d been skulking around in the seinen manga section the whole time.

There’s literally nothing indicating that, at least that I could see - am I supposed to just know that Morning (for example) is a seinen manga? Except, I ran into Yotsuba again, and Yotsuba’s definitely printed in a shonen magazine. Also came across a manga named Kuutei Dragon, with a shading style (and aircraft technology) extremely reminiscent of Nausicaä, which intrigued me. I didn’t buy it, though… maybe I should have, so I could nominate it for some level of group.

Also ran into this. Maybe we should read this next. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, once I was upstairs in the proper section, I managed to find it in short order. Also encountered an Azumanga Daioh tenth-anniversary tribute manga anthology named Osaka Manzai, written (with amusing, and probably deliberate, aptness) by a group named Yotsuba Studio. Manga-ka who contributed chapters include Barasui (who did Strawberry Marshmallow), Keiichi Arawi (Nichijou), and Ume Aoki (Hidamari Sketch).

But I digress. I let my success go to my head, and found myself riffling through shelves of picture books trying to find Kitty Detectives with no indication I was even in the right place, so I called it quits.

Perhaps I’ll read chapter one soon, if I find the time. If not, I’ll be back home on Monday. :cry:


I really like how they write ドラゴン (to the right of the Aria books) with a dragon as ン :slight_smile:

Oh, and I looked at this manga on Bookwalker and discovered that Vol. 1 is 50% off until tomorrow, so I… ahem… well :wink:


Is it good? Should I go back and get it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the drawings, but I only read two pages or so (and was too lazy to use a dictionary), so can’t really give a verdict. Feels a bit like an educational thing for smaller children, but I could be totally off ^^
You can have a look inside on Bookwalker and then decide :wink:

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Actually, come to think of it, I think I’ve seen that in English back home, and decided to pass on it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can not relate. The hours I spent in book off… :slight_smile: