Reading the wrong default audio?

For items that have 2x audio readings, it seems that the second audio is played out loud by default. Meanwhile the Reading Explanation gets you to study the first audio reading:
This example displays two Readings and the Reading Explanation references めがみ and yet the default audio is じょしん. I’ve noticed this with many other items as well.

Do you use any scripts that change how audio in reviews works?

Nope, I am running Ultimate Time line and Super Burn Happy script (best script ever)

I’ve just noticed that I type in めがみ (for the above example) it will be correct and play that appropriate audio. So it looks like, its only the case when you get it wrong it then plays the 2nd audio (じょしん) regardless of the Reading Explanation.

Yeah, they made it so it plays the audio you answered with when it’s correct. I’m surprised it plays the secondary audio for this example when it’s wrong though. You might want to email them and see if it is in fact a bug. Or tag one of the devs (viet / oldbonsai) so they see the post.

We’re working on fixing this bug today! Thanks for finding it @ReitouKousen :clap:

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