Reading Practice Resources

Hey there,

I’m WK level 12 right now and wanted to improve my reading fluency (especially with hiragana and katakana but also kanji)
do you know some resources for practicing reading that are good for beginners. It would cool if one could implement the wanikani API.

Thanks in advance :blush:

As I said in your other thread, try looking through this thread first to see if these resources are useful for you.


I checked the list in the past but I think I hasn’t learned as much kanji as I know now. That’s why I think I couldn’t read as much. I’ll try to use Watanoc and see how it goes.

In Satori Reader, you can implement your Wanikani API key in order to not show furigana for the Kanji you already know. Respectively it will show furigana for the Kanji you do not know.


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