Reading Natsume Sōseki

I know Sōseki is often recommended for reading practice.

I want to share a site I discovered that provides many resources for Soseki readers.

For example, here is the japanese text for the first few sections of Kokoro:

As you can see, you can hover over certain words and get a definition. There is also an audio recording of the story being read. If you want more, there’s a study guide with vocabulary list too. Anyways, I thought I’d share this discovery as I am spending a lot of time these days doing reading practice and could always use more resources like this.


Wow, this is really quite good, thanks! I never would’ve thought Sōseki would be such an easy read. But with the kanjis highlighted like that, it’s actually very smooth and not particularly complex grammatically. Thanks!

Thank you very much for that resource. I will give it a try, the first sentences were easier then thought.

Cool, bookmarked!

I read some Sōseki as a part of this book:, and I think his stories are definitely interesting reads, even if they can be a bit too difficult if you’re not confident in your reading ability. :slight_smile:

I can’t add to your resources, but thanks for adding to mine! :smiley: I primarily use NHK Easy News, so this is a nice change for me.

Thanks so much for sharing this!!

Ohhh this is awesome! Thank you so much :smiley:

But I want to have a translation of a whole sentence. Explaining grammar points if necessary.

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\brushing up on my grammar

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There’s a rough translation available for every paragraph in every story.

Interesting, I’ll have to look Natsume up. Nice to know people are sharing their recommendations.

This is nice, thanks. I will add it to the resource thread so it can live there forever.

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Thanks for sharing! Reading “Kokoro” in Japanese is a personal goal of mine.

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