Reading Murakami Haruki's 1Q84 (Intermediate/Advanced Book)

Ahem :wink:

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Oh, sorry! I thought you were talking about the individual chapter threads… I’ll see myself out :smile:


I think I did it!


Thank you!

I added the links to the OP, and cleaned up some of those lenghty ones. Here’s to hoping I didn’t break any! :eyes:

Here’s this weeks thread for chapter 24, which brings us to the end of this book. :slight_smile:

Personally, I’m really curious to see what happens next (and a bit apprehensive about those warnings about book 2…). I also really like break weeks, though. :sweat_smile:

I guess I could go either way on this. If I had to vote…

Should we have a break between books? If so, how long?
(You can choose up to 2 votes. If you think we should have a longer break than 2 weeks, tell us why. :slight_smile:)

  • No break
  • 1 week’s break
  • 2 week’s break
  • Clickity click

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Looks like we’re going with 1 week’s break - and also like I made that poll anonymous. :joy:

See you for the start of book 2.1 next week! :blush:


Here’s the Book 2 Chapter 1 discussion thread! I somehow expected the numbering to go on, but they reset for Book 2. :face_with_monocle:

Sorry for the delay. I’ll try to post the threads before the actual start date in the future so they’ll be up on time!
I deleted my previous reply so I could post this since I’m not the OP. Could someone do me a favor and reply with anything before the next week so I can post again? :laughing:

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Pleasure :joy_cat:

Thanks for keeping this alive! I will slowly follow you from a safe distance :wink:

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Thanks @NicoleRauch ! :joy: I’m enjoying your posts, so please do~

On to chapter 2!


It’s time for chapter 3! The weeks really seem to fly by when you have a deadline. :crazy_face:

And we’re on to chapter 4!

One advantage to making the threads myself is that it gives me some additional motivation to finish the previous chapter in time. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Oh, also this is post number 3 by me, so if someone would be so kind as to comment… :crazy_face:



Out of curiosity, is this book 2 out of 3 or 6? I remember seeing a few different versions of the series.

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This is Book Two 前編, so yes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a more serious note: There are three books, each of which is split up into two parts in the Japanese edition. So it is book 2 out of 3, or fragment 3 out of 6. :woman_shrugging:


Chapter 5! More 青豆~

On to chapter 6. :slight_smile: This one’s actually a pretty long one.

Chapter 7! A day late, sorry! :pray:

Also, お願いします~

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Time for chapter 8~ I remember being pretty excited about this chapter when I read through the chapter titles 2 months ago. :slight_smile:
Somehow I’ve gotten pretty behind though.

Chapter 9!

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Very timely new thread this week. :partying_face:

No I only need to catch up within the 2 weeks we have left of this book.

Feels like it was no time at all since the last time, but once again, お願いします~