Reading mnemonics for 札

I just can’t remember the reading and the default mnemonic fit well for my taste.
let me know what you use.

The one I used is to NSFW to share, sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey, that’s teasing!


On’yomi: I imagine a paper money bill fitting perfectly in the “umbrella” radical. Then I imagine picking up that bill and using it to pay for a satsuma.

Kun’yomi: I try to eat an amulet. It breaks my teeth, but it’s still food (ふだ).


I helps me to remember that the city Sapporo in Hokkaido 札幌 starts with it (although it has nothing to do with tags).

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I usually brute force it into my brain with repetition if I struggle with a reading.
Probably isn’t the best idea, but it works MOST of the time.


I am such a foodie (ふだ),

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I think it can be helpful to make yourself use the reading a bunch, by looking at some vocab that contains it (I find that this often helps even if the vocab is new to me).

What Yen bills are there? What are their names? Go look this up, and look up what they’re called in Japanese (千円札【せんえんさつ】, 一万円札【いちまんえんさつ】… hey, you can read these!). Point at some images of Yen bills and say 「これは千円札です」 out loud to yourself and stuff. (Further activities: where do you live? What’s the currency there? Do you have an 一ドル札 in your wallet, or maybe a 5ユーロ札?)

This may feel silly but it’s effective. I did something like this and I don’t use a mnemonic to recall 札 now, because I found the mnemonic ineffective too.

It also really helped me to think of 札 in contrast with 礼 which looks similar. I had to write both of them down a bunch and drill to myself: “札 has a tree, it’s dead trees, it’s paper! But 礼 has a pelican radical, it’s alive, so it can say ‘thanks’”.

EDIT: sorry, I didn’t see this topic is pretty old! You might not be struggling with 札 anymore :), but I hope this advice still helps in the abstract, or helps someone else.


Thanks alot. Actually I was still struggling because I took a break from Wanikani. Thank you for your advice.
I’ll try to do that. :smile::+1:t5:

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