Reading materials for each level

Hey everyone, so I’m on level 13 now which is getting closer to N4 proficiency reading. I try to keep what I learn fresh by reading almost everything I see in daily life and it helps that I live in Japan. I however want a more focused reading approach so I want to know which reading materials like storybooks, anime, blogs, etc, that are appropriate for each level from N5 to N1 to keep me engaged while I climb up the WaniKani ladder. Thanks in advance!

The reading material most appropriate at any level is the one that will keep your attention. Some people will read easier material even if the story doesn’t interest them, because the process of reading and learning is motivating enough to keep them going. For others, it’s better to read something in a topic/genre they enjoy, even if it’s a lot more work. Only you can know what will work for you.

That said, it often helps to read with others, since you can ask for help with grammar, translation, etc. Plus, reading together can help you stay interested, even if the topic/genre isn’t something you’d normally enjoy. There are plenty of book clubs here on the forums if you’re interested.


Seconding the Book Club recommendation, with a note that the book for the next Absolute Beginner Book Club is free to keep on Bookwalker (and other digital platforms) until 23:59 7/1 (japan time), so for the next ~15 hrs. Join Us! Starting July 10th: それでも歩は寄せてくる・ When will Ayumu Make his Move? :chess_pawn:


This looks great! Thanks a lot!