Reading for the phrase 配信日

How would one read the phrase 配信日 (distribution date)? Is it はいしんひ? はいしんにち? Something else?

P.S. Please let me know if there is a better place to ask. I wanted to ask in “short grammar question” thread, but it’s not quite grammar. Wasn’t able to find other thread to ask for reading of kanji compound/phrases.

Google Translate gave me はいしんび, and I got some confirmation here in the furigana.

When 日 is tacked on like a suffix here, it’s usually going to be び, unless there is some other etymological stuff going on.

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Ooo, interesting. That’s… surprising. >< Thank you tho, good sleuthing with Translate.

TIL. xD Thank you, gotta jot this down before I forget.

Eh, you’ll probably just pick it up from context.
You have all the days of the week plus at least 誕生日 on WK alone.
(Maybe even more, like 記念日, but I can’t remember)

Edit: that have 〜日 as び I mean.

Also, it’s not like there’s a rule about it or anything, but if you have a short not-grammar question you can ask it in the short not-grammar question topic.


And I know all of those words. I didn’t associate this as a single phrase and thought of it as two (配信 and 日). This makes sense now.

And that answered the question on my P.S. I was looking for exactly a thread like that. Thanks


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