Reading challenge

As I am late to the spring reading challenge, as in I decided to start with reading regularly today and the challenge will end on the 31st, I decided to start my own challenge and will update my progress here.
I might stop doing so when the next community reading challenge starts.
I will read children’s fairytale books.
And I will start with:
It has 46 pages half of which are pictures. So I only have to read 23 pages of text.
My goal is to read two pages a day but in case I don’t have much time my minimum is 1 page.
Wish me luck.
P.s. In case anyone else feels like doing something like this they are more than welcome to join me and read whatever they want to read and post about it.
Happy to have you!

Good luck!


I just want to point out that joining the Spring challenge late shouldn’t be a problem if you want to post with everyone over there, several people do so and some keep the challenge going until the next one starts as well. I joined the Winter challenge late, and I’ve put the Spring one on hiatus during my exams but I’m joining it again in June until the Summer challenge starts in July.

Anyway, good luck with your reading :slight_smile: Have fun! :books: :open_book: :coffee:


Okay thank you. I might just post it on both then. ^-^


You got this!

Look forward to seeing you pop up in the large group sometime as well :laughing:


(Sorry if I am being stupid, but which one?)

Not stupid at all! I was referring to these^^^
Which I assumed to be the Read Everyday Challenge - Spring, and the next one being summer :laughing:

Update: So I actually started reading but not as continously as I would like to. Finally finished reading three pages.
But before I could get there I practiced basic conjugation of verbs and adjectives. And it helped immensly, suddenly I could at least guess what was a verb or an advective and so on, so when looking up words I didn’t have to rely on context alone.
Hope to read the next few pagss soon but honestly don’t know when I will find the time.

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