Reading and reviewing burns

Hey guys,

I know you’re all using whacky scripts that enable several features wanikani does not natively come with.

I was wondering if one of those scripts might have you rereview burned items. For those without exposure, these are at risk of being forgotten.

Additionally, I was wondering what the best place to start getting exposure would be. I have physical volumes of yotsuba 1 and 2, but I remember there being a website that enabled you to insert your API to select from text at your kanji level.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide!

Have a look at the Self Study Quiz script.

Satori Reader? FloFlo?

Graded Readers are pricey, but the low level ones are very approachable with the easy language they use. It’s a resource specifically to give JP learners a place to start reading and build up in difficulty.

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ok I’ve downloaded tampermonkey, wanikani open framework, and self study quiz, could you give me some information about how to get started with this please and thankyou? :slight_smile:

There are screenshots on how to use the self-study quiz in its home thread. :slight_smile:

For Burn reviews, I think you need to add the Additional Filters script.

When you install the Additional Filters script, you can use the self study in the same way, but you’ll just have more options to choose from on the quiz types you want to put together.

ok so I’ve added the additional filter’s script, reviewed the link showing how to use self-study quiz, but I’m either doing something wrong or encountering an error.

I just go to wanikani → top right options button → there should be script options there right?


Nah, you don’t need Additional Filters for Burn reviews.

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Yeah, it should be there.

I’m far from a script expert, so the only question I can think to ask is; do you have Open Framework in the number one spot in TamperMonkey?

They do appear pricey, but considering they come with audio, I think they are well worth their price. I go back and re-read mine all the time. I didn’t bother with level 0-1… I found 2 to be pretty approachable with enough volume to justify the price. The audio will help massively with JLPT listening practice.