Reading 今まで一度も女扱いされたことがない女騎士を女扱いする漫画

I think it has come the time start reading in japanese and I decided to read this manga for a few reason.
First i have already read some chapters of it in English so I have an idea of what is going on, second the chapters are quite short, 5-10 pages each, third the story is quite simple and linear and last but not least I find it funny.
I write this not just to let you guys know that I am slowly, but surely, making progresses but mostly hoping that there is some other degenerate that would like to read it with me.
If someone actually is interested (probably not that likely tough) then I plan to read 3 chapters a week (24~ pages) and I am at the second chapter. I will also add that if somebody actually joins in I am more than willingly to change the number of chapters read per week.