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I already posted really early in the morning, but I ended up reading a bunch more on the buses this afternoon. I read four more level two stories and six more level 1 stories. That’s 19 stories all together today. I really enjoy reading the most.


:bug: April 13th :horse_racing:

:bug: April 14th :horse_racing:

It was a really interesting weekend. I had a ticket to the final performance of the JoJo Musical so I was busy prepping for that and I thought on the morning of, oh I’ll bring the next volume so I can review what they’re saying before watching.

It was hard. That was a grueling 3.5 hours. I understood more but my brain was so fried and I was trying to understand the closing remarks, which were interesting but difficult at times. I loved whoever said 人間たち though lmao. I think it was JoJo’s actor. I also met a cute girl who was a Dio fan and we went out for drinks but my brain was so fried, I probably wasn’t super fun to talk to.


15th april

roughly another 20 pages of すきとも, getting deeper into the story now and wished i could’ve kept reading longer! there’s no chapters tho, so choosing a place to stop feels a bit awkward.

today’s nhk article was this one, plus the entries on という風(ふう)に and ということは in aDoIJG

words that stood out

声音(こわね) - tone of voice. can also be read 声音(せいおん) (tho the nuance is slightly different)
諳(そら)んじる - to memorise, to recite from memory
高飛車(たかびしゃ) - high-handed, domineering, on one’s high horse
also 怠(だる)い in kanji for the first time


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Q2 of 2024 | Week 3

4月15日 (月)

  • クプルムの花嫁 Vol.3 (47-71%)

  • :cn: Three Kingdoms 2 (22-25/30)

  • DIJG : わけではない, わけがない

  • NHKにようこそ! (72-75%)

  • STEINS;GATE 比翼恋理のだーりん

Words of the day
  • 視床下部(ししょうかぶ) = hypothalamus. Thalamus is 視床(ししょう)
  • 教則本(きょうそくぼん) = guidebook; manual
  • 連日連夜(れんじつれんや) = every day and every night
  • 日雇(ひやと)い = employment by day. A kind of 臨時雇(りんじやと)い, and so not 常雇(じょうやと)い.


Me me! I’m a bit late, will start today if I can and finish on 14 June. I’m away for some of this so could be a bit tricky, but I do have a book of poetry lent to m,e by my sensei, so that will be dandy for the busy days!


:notebook_with_decorative_cover: :video_game: :cherry_blossom: :shamrock: April 14

Read some 傲慢と善良 (64% → 67%)


April 15th!

I did all of my book club reading over the weekend, so 5 pages of the Orange Light Novel today.

(Home Post)


Home Post


My husband bought me the No Game No Life LNs on the condition that I read to him, so here we are. Hopefully this will make balancing reading even easier. Didn’t take vocab notes unfortunately, but it was cool seeing 噂(うわさ) since it’s on my current level.

Reading Type Status
:smiling_imp: 原罪物語 -罪- LN 44/252
:game_die: ノーゲーム・ノーライフ 1 LN 21/301

April 15 | Home post
Back to my favorite Island :desert_island: (the VN) today. Love it!


:house: home post :house:
:calendar: 2024年4月15日 :calendar:

:question: Title Read today Currently at Notes
:orange_book: Secret 2 episodes 80/98 —
:bust_in_silhouette: シャドーハウス 3 chapters 83/175

:bookmark: Home post // April 15 :cherry_blossom: :dango: :seedling:

・ 今はもうない - Switch Back (14% → 18%)

Finished part 5 and 6 of chapter 1. Got until part 10 left of week 2. I’m blessed with having time to read on the train. I’m still on internship, but this is the last week, so almost done!


4月15日 | Home post

Need to sleep, so only a few pages today.

  • アオハライド (6) (pp. 136-147)
  • DoBJG: 方; かわりに; けれども (29%)

四月十五日・Home Post

I read another, more difficult, chapter of ちょこちゃん, and then another, less difficult, Tadoku book, 湖山長者 ~ちょっとざんねんなお金持ちの話~.


:bug: April 15th :horse_racing:

I finally finished that volume of Nausicaa :bug: !!! I want to be done with the rest already, but I think I might switch to reading Ouran :cherry_blossom: again instead because I think I like it marginally more and also it’d be nice to finish that volume as well. With so many book clubs coming up, I don’t know how my reading will go.

I finished the crossdressing one :dress: as well. I hope I can join a spinoff club later, but I feel like I shouldn’t be buying books rn.


:house: Home Post | :writing_hand: Study Log | 04月15日

Resource Progress Visual
:orange_book: Tadoku L3 Stories 6/24 ■■□□□□□□□□ 25%
:green_book: Tadoku L4 Stories 0/9 □□□□□□□□□□
:blue_book: Tadoku L5 Stories 0/3 □□□□□□□□□□
:newspaper_roll: NHK Articles 0 → 1 ■□□□□□□□□□
:coffee: Shirokuma Cafe 8% □□□□□□□□□□
:teddy_bear: 老女的少女ひなたちゃん1巻 0/9 → 0.3/9 □□□□□□□□□□ 3%
:open_book: DoBJG 7/205 □□□□□□□□□□ 3%

Almost forgot today + didn’t have a lot of energy but read a quick and easy NHK article on Todai


Bit tired from work and thinking through some things today. Kept it simple with a short Tadoku level 0 book read (ゆきだるま). Glad this had an accompanying YT video so I could use the Language Reactor Chrome extension.


:motor_scooter: back to my home post

:star: 04月15日 Type Progress
:headphones: BBC 気になってる人が男じゃなかった manga 42% → 63%
:owl: ハリーポッタと賢者の石 prose 21% → 23%

Nice chunk of reading today because it was slow at work. HP got into some slow sections with a lot of descriptive passages and words to look up. My head kinda hurts now lol.


16 April | Study Log

:question: Title Type Natively Progress
:candy: 不思議駄菓子屋1 book 24 84% → 90%
:love_letter: ヒナのままじゃだめですか? 3 manga 20 0% → 25%
:cat2: また、同じ夢を見ていた book 25 60% (no change)
:eagle: ダンジョン飯6 manga 29 15% (no change)
  • Week’s reading for 不思議駄菓子屋. So close to the finish line! I actually wanted to read ahead today because I was curious, but I had to go to work.
  • Started ひな3 on the train. One day I hope to have someone else read this lol

Also I dropped by the bookstore and picked up…


It’s mostly in colour!


:cherry_blossom: 4月15日 :cherry_blossom: (home post link)

Today was a busy day, I’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning and organizing stuff, and I keep accidentally breaking things while I try to fix them :sweat_smile:

I ended up remembering at least one of the places I’d seen the 平家物語 line from yesterday, and it was neither from a thing I expected it to be from nor from a character I expected it to be from :laughing:

jjk shibuya arc (end of anime s2) stuff


  • イジらないで、長瀞さん ch 148 - my biweekly treat has been more like monthly recently with all the breaks, but it’s still a nice treat when it gets released :grin: Big moment for the series, but it also worries me a little bit since this could very well be the end of the series. This is one that’s been with me almost since I first started learning japanese, some of my very first mined anki cards were from here, and now I can read the new chapters and still feel like it doesn’t even count as enough to check my reading box :laughing:

Nice. I’m surprised WK does not teach 則. It also teaches 連日, but not 連夜, though I suppose the latter is easy to guess once you know the former!