📚 📚 Read Japanese Every Day Challenge - Spring 2024 🌸 🍡 🌱

Q2 of 2024 | Week 1

4月1日 (月)

I started Intermediate on Du Chinese. If it’s reading alongside listening, Kanji knowledge can help. Of course I have to catch up with grammar. It’s gonna be troublesome now. (Maybe Pinyin doesn’t need to be exact now, but either listen or read with Pinyin.)

Starts with 曹操.

  • 紡ぐ乙女と大正の月 Vol.4 (42-58%)

  • DIJG : 途端(に)

  • STEINS;GATE 比翼恋理のだーりん

end Ch.1. Practically prologue.

Words of the day
  • 応酬(おうしゅう) = replying back and forth
  • 杓子定規(しゃくしじょうぎ) = strict; inflexible. Measure everything with a ladle :spoon: (杓子(しゃくし)) and a ruler :straight_ruler: (定規(じょうぎ)).
  • 恥(はじ)も外聞(がいぶん)もない = shameless, not worrying about external appearance
  • たらればの話(はなし) = “what if” stories
  • とてもじゃないが(.)… ない = not by any means. とても emphasized by じゃない + が.
  • 付(つ)かず離(はな)れず = not attached, nor separate; maintaining a reasonable distance
  • 低周波(ていしゅうは) = low frequency wave. Has low cycles. Opposite is 高周波(こうしゅうは).
  • 引(ひ)っこ抜(ぬ)く = 引(ひ)き抜(ぬ)く
  • 背(せ)に腹(はら)は代(か)えられない = cannot save oneself without making a sacrifice. Protecting one’s innards with back.