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23rd jan

another ouran chapter, thankfully easier than the last one. this is a fun arc so i’m looking forward to the next one! used my randomiser and (after it spat out fire force which i don’t want to read rn) it gave me スケッチー which was one of the very first free manga i ever got, so it’s nice to come back to it and understand so much more than the first time i tried to read it. seems to be about a woman unmoored in life who discovers skateboarding (maybe a queer element? not sure if it’s wishful thinking tho). read one chapter of that

today’s nhk article was this one, another granblue chapter (long boss fight was long), and no aDoIJG entry :frowning:


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銀の笛と金の毛皮 :notes: :deer:
Progress - page 23/67

The deer live deep in the forest in a Ghibli-esque magic valley. This story does feel pretty Ghibli so far, there’s happy magic animals and an underlying message of the effects of human greed and encroaching upon the environment.


Jan 23, Tue of Week 4 of Q1 2024

  • いちばんやさしい世界史の本 Ch.3 (37-39%)

  • 薬屋のひとりこと Vol.1 (34-40%)

Words of the day
Book highlights

クリルタイ = Kurultai - Wikipedia
オゴタイ=ハン =Ögedei Khan - Wikipedia
バトゥ = Batu Khan - Wikipedia
ワールシュタットの戦い = Battle of Legnica - Wikipedia (Battle of Wahlstatt)
フラグ = Hulegu Khan - Wikipedia. (Also, “flag”)
駅伝制えきでんせい => See Yam (route) - Wikipedia
プラノ=カルピニ = Giovanni da Pian del Carpine - Wikipedia
カラコルム = Karakorum - Wikipedia
ルブルック = William of Rubruck - Wikipedia
モンテ=コルヴィノ = John of Montecorvino - Wikipedia
東方見聞録とうほうけんぶんろく = The Travels of Marco Polo - Wikipedia, from the stories of マルコ=ポーロ.
女真人じょしんじん = Jurchen people - Wikipedia
交鈔こうしょう = Jiaochao - Wikipedia :dollar:
弥勒仏みろくぶつ = Maitreya - Wikipedia
白蓮教びゃくれんきょう = White Lotus - Wikipedia
紅巾こうきんの乱らん = Red Turban Rebellions - Wikipedia. Pronounced the same as 黄巾こうきんの乱らん before 三国時代さんごくじだい.
朱元璋しゅげんしょう = Hongwu Emperor - Wikipedia (Zhu Yuanzhang)
西廂記せいそうき = Romance of the Western Chamber - Wikipedia
郭守敬かくしゅけい = Guo Shoujing - Wikipedia. Making of 授時暦じゅじれき.


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:notes: Kiki-Mimi Radio, episodes 26 and 27.


More details here ^^



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Date Name Type Amount Time
2024-01-23 :pickup_truck: ガルパン:リトルアーミー1 :green_book: Manga :arrow_forward: Chapter 2-3
:page_facing_up: 80 pages

Read a bunch more of the little army manga today, so 2/3 of the way through this volume. Will probably finish it tomorrow.

There was a funny moment where the half-German student, who was established to at least live there long enough to be slightly angry at Japan for not having tanks in elementary schools, gets all flustered because someone uses her first name. Especially when they’ve made comments about her communication style being very direct because she’s not Japanese, they couldn’t evade that trope clearly though.


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・サイレント・ウイッチ V (55% → 65%)

I enjoyed this chapter a lot. I want to read more, but sleeep… Sleep!


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:calendar: 2024年1月23日 :calendar:

:question: Title Read today Currently at Notes
:orange_book: 奥日光 2 episodes 51/62 —
:railway_car: 阪急電車 1.4% 27.8% 20 new words

阪急電車: when I read あなたも殺人犯になれる!, it feels super easy whenever there is dialog (shorter sentences, known words). But with this book it’s the opposite, dialog / inner thoughts are the hardest part, due to heavy Kansai-ben! Example sentence: あーもぉ、何でカツヤと話すといつもこんなカンジになっちゃうんやろ。. Though slowly getting used to it. Like I have to make an effort to parse it, but I can figure it out. Basically like katakana.

@hughlings I see. I have read those you named and they are not my favorite, so there’s hope that you would enjoy those I mentioned :wink:


Jan 24 | Home

  • Finished トモちゃんは女の子! 1 | L20 yesterday on the train, might get the rest of the series as it’s on sale(?) and it’s about in my ballpark level. I never did finish it in english and it’s only 8 vols. There’s bits and pieces that annoy me (I think the gender politics is a bit too traditionalist for my liking) but it’s rescued by the support characters (Misuzu and Carol are amazing).
  • Continuing with my fave shoujo/cooking/slice of life series that I’m the only one on Natively reading, トナリはなにを食う人ぞ ほろよい 5 | L27, now trying a without lookups run. Easier than I anticipated though still a fair amount of stuff I will need to circle back around to later. But I read a whole recipie for fricasse without any lookups, which I’m pretty happy about. I think I’ll try and make this one… @javerend let’s keep the ghost of cooking club alive!
  • I have a commute today so I think I will try and reread this week’s children’s book club portion of 不思議駄菓子屋 just idly as practice.

“Ah, why do i get this feeling every time I speak with Katsuya?”



Jan. 23

I read two level 1 graded readers on Tadoku. I wanted to read more since I’ve found the level 1 books to be more interesting and educational, but I’m falling asleep on the couch :sleepy:



Is there a special app you use for this? I think I need something like this for when I’m deciding what to read on my Kindle. I have too many options (1000s of books) and I end up sticking to one genre- SFF but for this year, I want to branch out. However, I don’t know where to start.


Today I was trapping in the laundry room for a few hours. Maybe it should be an incentive to do my laundry more often :sweat_smile: but, on the bright side, I got a ton of reading done :slight_smile:

I read 20 N5 level articles on Watanoc and 4 level 1 stories.


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After I got the JLPT results back yesterday, I really haven’t been in the mood to read much. Or, more accurately, it feels like reading is not what I “should” be doing, since it kinda laid bare how radically different my listening and reading skills are currently.

I’d already been sorta planning to make February a really listening heavy month, but now I’ve really doubled down on that. Reading will probably take a hit for a while, but I definitely don’t want to stop reading, or anything :laughing:


  • コンビニ人間 26 → 28 - tiny tiny bite

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Continuing slow but steady! Been reading a lot but in English lately which I’ll definitely take. I have a huge backlog there too. :laughing: I found out I passed the N2 which was rather surprising. So I’m trying to figure out my goals going forward. Reading was lowest but I don’t think manga will help at this point. Need descriptions, not speech I think. Maybe trying to focus on my novels… But my manga backlog is so huge :laughing:

東京リベンジャーズ 24 Ch 209

東京リベンジャーズ 24 Ch 210-212

東京リベンジャーズ 24 Ch 213-215

Claymore 3 Ch 10-11

Claymore 3 Ch 12

Claymore 3 Ch 13

Claymore 3 Ch 14

Claymore 3 Ch 15

東京リベンジャーズ 25 Ch 216

チェンソーマン Ch 153


Day 23

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奥日光 episodes 35 36 37


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:star2: 01月23日 Read: Progress:
:sunrise_over_mountains: Oku Nikkou 2 eps 6/62 eps

Did I read the last couple of days? Don’t worry about it. Am I still going to click the little checkboxes? Yes.
did some Satori today, read through the episodes with no lookups first and then reread with lookups. Pretty pleased with my comprehension level with no lookups, feels good when there are whole sentences I understand.


wait is this literal or you just had a lot of laundry to do


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Jan 23

  • はなものがたり- read chapter 10, which finishes up volume 2! I think I’m slowly getting more used to heavy Kansai-ben, since I found this volume an easier read than the last one
  • シャドーハウス - read chapter 150



:umbrella: :notebook: 1月 23日 :memo: :umbrella:

Book Natively Progress Notes
:womans_hat: とんがり帽子のアトリエ Lv 26 65% → 82%
:crystal_ball: ありす19th Lv 20 31% → 44%

I wanted to read more but I’m so tired from a long day :sob: Chapter 4 of Atelier was too compelling to resist reading all at once! I think only Chapter 5 remains until Vol. 1 is complete. And unfortunately I think I’ve gotten far enough into the proper storyline that I can’t share beautiful panels anymore without them being blatant spoilers ahaha :smiling_face_with_tear: Just know that I’m shooting my this manga is so beautiful mind beam at all of you :eye::nose::eye:

And returning to ありす19th, it’s of course still such a fun story, I wish you could’ve heard the conspiratorial gasp I made when this panel happened:

spoiler but with no context so maybe not a spoiler


See you next time teehee (´・ᴗ・ ` )

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:laughing::laughing: I just caught my autofill mistake. Although, I guess I could have been trapping dryer lint bunnies :rabbit:


Tuesday cont

  • 2 more episode of Akiko, I only have just over 2 weeks at this pace
  • ふしぎ駄菓子屋 Mysterious Sweet Shop - 2 more pages from Ch 1 with lookups. This isn’t changing my understanding at all and once I start doing lookups I do way more than necessary, which is time intensive and not that interesting. I think I’ll reread this week’s book club amount and just underline the key words I want, and then switch to look ups and just do those. That could give me a nice balance between no lookups and more than is useful and fun, for the sake of learning a bit from it and book club participation. I noticed that since reading it the first time a week and a half ago, I seem to have even learned several the words which surprised me. I think I might have come across them later in Satori or my other reading, looked them up, and they were very memorable as a second exposure. 度に、しかる and a few others are in that category.
  • and… I finished the last 3 pages of 雪舟’s biography. I’m really pleased with that. This one had a lot of abstract sentences about his artistic development and it felt like reaching a new level to understand all that.

Finished Ch 3 Slam Dunk, maybe 8 pages