📚📚 Read Every Day Challenge - Winter 2024 🎍☃🌲

8th jan

home post

read not one but two ouran chapters today! they were basically one big chapter and splitting it between today and tomorrow felt weird. had to take a break in between but i did it! didn’t really read much else tho :sweat_smile:

today’s nhk article was this one, did another granblue chapter (the new year’s stuff is finally over, so it doesn’t take as long), and the entries on にほかならない and に限(かぎ)って in aDoIJG

words that stood out

おてまみ - so apparently this is a version of 手紙(てがみ) that was popular in the 80s. ig it was there for comedic purposes?
あらば - literary form of あれば
やんごとない - august, exalted, noble (birth)
御簾(みす) - bamboo blind