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6th jan

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pixiv reading kind of day (don’t know how many characters it was but it was maybe an hour’s worth?). was gonna go on layton again cos london life is still there but maybe tomorrow.

a day late but happy birthday @lucylavelle ! :tada:


しまなみ誰そ彼 reply

glad to hear you enjoyed it! i know what you mean, it can be a painful read in places, especially when some of the characters have so few people in their lives (that they’re out to or otherwise) to talk to about their worries. yeah, it could’ve got very crowded if it tried to resolve everything. i thought that aspect was interesting though, it felt to me like we’re getting small slices of their lives and stages of their growth as people and it takes longer than what we can see for them to figure it out, it felt very human. having said that the internalised homophobia plotline with tsubaki felt like it went by a little too quickly :sweat_smile:

genuinely one of the prettiest manga i’ve read, some of those double-page spreads look amazing while also expressing the emotion of a given scene really well!

i have! i read it early last year and really enjoyed it (it’s one of my favourite series) so i’m always interested to see what other people think!