📚📚 Read Every Day Challenge - Winter 2024 🎍☃🌲

4th jan birthday! :tada:

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another ouran chapter, some harder grammar in this one (i remember an を始(はじ)め in there) but doable. also another chapter of ドラゴン which was full of house words. should have expected that really but they’re getting more and more obscure.

today’s nhk article was this one (nice short one), plus another granblue chapter (and the new year’s stuff, and birthday messages that are there for some reason), and the entries on に and に当(あ)たって in aDoIJG

words that stood out (aka it's all german):

ワンゲル - mountain trekking, hiking (short form of ワンダーフォーゲル)
エネルギッシュ - energetic
厭(いと)う - to balk at, to be weary of, to shun, to hate

初心(うぶ) - innocent, wet behind the ears. form of 初(うぶ)