📚📚 Read Every Day Challenge - Winter 2024 🎍☃🌲

Feb 28, Wed of Week 9 of Q1 2024

  • NARUTO Vol.23 Ch.206 - Vol.24 Ch.212

  • DIJG : ろく(に/な) ~ない

  • 徒花異譚

Need to look up the story… I don’t know this one in advance either.

Words of the day
  • 具(つぶさ)に = in great details; with great care. In 粒(つぶ) style.
  • 歯切(はぎ)れが悪(わる)い = not making oneself clear. 歯切(はぎ)れの良(よ)い is clear articulation.
  • 闊達(かったつ) = open-minded; magnanimous. Allowing oneself to be 迂闊(うかつ) or flaunting 闊歩(かっぽ).
  • 一顧(いっこ)だにしない = not taking a slight notice of. Set phrase uses だに(.)しない. Can be other variants, like 一顧(いっこ)をも与(あた)えない. First part is just like 一瞥(いちべつ).
  • 感(かん)に堪(た)えない = cannot bear the strong feeling
  • 代(か)わる代(が)わる = in turns; one after another
  • 色(いろ)づく = to turn color, e.g. red of fallen leaves :fallen_leaf: or ripening of a fruit :tomato:
  • å¹³(ひら)べったい = flat. Like å¹³(ひら)たい, but also with ぺったんこ.
  • 克己心(こっきしん) = a spirit of self-restraint; the mental power to control oneself