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One of the pains of getting older is realizing the aberrations of an earlier part of one’s life :rofl:


Yup. You’ll see it with other characters too where it seems to just be the font rather than a variation, I suppose something like serif vs sans serif. (If it were a variation, it’d get furigana, even with how similar it looks to the usual kanji. Like, 繫がる is immediately obvious it’s just a different way of writing 繋がる, but it still gets furigana anyway.)


Day 15
I was working on my japanese test and because of that I didn’t have that much time for reading. But I still managed to finish the second volume of Bakemonogatari manga and started reading the third one.

1409 pages read 18591 to go


Ain’t that the truth! I even feel that way about the person I was like, 3-4 years ago… I suspect it never ends. Then again, it’s a sign of growth :sunglasses:


January 17th :snowflake:
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Hella long day, been out in the city all day so I had no time to read manga but I read a few articles on NHK webs easy while on the train. Time for sleep :zzz:


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・ 本好きの下克上 16 (71% → 75%)

I promise I’ll pick up Saikawa and Moe book again soonTM :eyes: I’m kinda bad at staying consistent when it comes to book clubbing.


Wiii, thanks! :cake: :crabigator:


January 13th-17th :snowflake:
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Hello everyone!
Managed to keep up with daily reading these past few days, I’m happy about that :blush:

  • 13/1:
    :teacher: 教養366、26min and
    :ring: 私の幸せな結婚, went back to volume 2 to read the novel excerpt at the end since there were 2 pages I had left, and I just wanted to reread them in the morning. around 20min.
  • 14/1: :dragon: 暁のヨナ for the bookclub read-aloud. having to read ch103 twice this week was heartbreaking…
    :teacher: 教養366, 7min.
  • 15/1: :teacher: 教養366, 20min.
    :orange_book: 10ぷん10分で読める伝記, Ieyasu’s biography this time. Honestly, all the 歴史366 from last year has me rather well-acquainted with names of that period and reading this was literally a breeze!
  • 16/1: :cherry_blossom: 花野井くん、less than 10min before bed, too sleepy…
  • 17/1: :cherry_blossom: 花野井くん, ch. 5-6, 50min. Story is progressing, I still have my quelms about the lead character 花野井くん, but we’ll see where this goes…
some words

いい迷惑(めいわく) = real nuisance
(こい)バナ = talking about one’s love interests;girls’ talk
人見知り(ひとみしり) =shyness;fear of strangers;stranger anxiety
儒教(じゅきょう) =Confucianism
老荘(ろうそう) =Laozi and Zhuangzi
老荘思想(ろうそうしそう) =Taoism;philosophy of Lao-tse and Chuang-tse
無為自然(むいしぜん) = ①abandoning artifice and just being oneself ②doing nothing and taking things as they come


Oooooooooh!!! Finally someone! I’m loving this story so much! I wante to ask you, did you read both novel and manga? I wonder if i should try the novel, I’m dying to know more about this story and characters… :pleading_face:

oh my goodness this looks soooo cute!! I’ll be looking forward to more kitties, if you care to share as you read!


January 17th!

Today was a busy day at work for me so I’m kind of worn out. But I managed to read a chapter of Shadows House.

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January 17th

166 - end (199)

There just aren’t enough hours in the day. This part was gorier than I remember in the anime, but it’s nice to see the nazis are awful and have awful things happen to them I guess? Also I might be warming up to Joseph, he’s fun to read in the manga. Very himbo vibes.

Also it was interesting to read the Tequila Joseph scene. I always thought that from the anime that the soldiers just saw through Joseph’s disguise itself but in the manga it seems a lot more like they realize they are awful people that no sane person would want to interact so someone asking to come to the front of the inspection line is very suspiciuous.


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January 17th

:red_square: 授乳 (31% → 33%)

I think my small reads from the prior few days has made reading more than a paragraph difficult. I felt like I was very easily distracted today. Sometimes getting back in the groove can be challenging. :persevere:


Summary post

Day 16: January 16th
What did I read?: おでかけ子ザメ2
How much did I read?: 14 pages
How long did it take me?: 3 min

Day 17: January 17th
What did I read?: おでかけ子ザメ2
How much did I read?: 8 pages
How long did it take me?: 2 min

Back to tiny reads :see_no_evil:

Yesterday, tiny shark’s friend made him a little buddy and he loved it so much :pleading_face:

Today, we got to see tiny shark hugging a fluffy puppy :3


Ohh, I think I read the first five or so volumes of this like a long while ago (I meant to read more, but like many incomplete series, I read what was available at the time and forgot to go back and read anything that was published afterward). It is indeed highly disturbing/low-key terrifying, but I remember it being very engaging (like I binged those 5 volumes pretty darn fast) and a pretty easy read in terms of language. I unfortunately have not read Happiness so I can’t really compare on that front.
But I can definitively say that it is not a cute manga :joy: Very not cute


I have no time, yet again. Packing, cleaning, last minute work things. I feel oddly stressed each time I think about picking up チュベローズ so I couldn’t bring myself to touch it tonight. Since I’m so behind the club I feel like I have to read it all at once or not at all. I know that’s nonsense, but knowing and feeling are different things. I think I’ll have to keep this in mind next time I take on any similar clubs.

Instead I did another chapter of 正欲. I read the text while listening to the audiobook. I had previously thought this book was just out of reach for my listening. That was true for chapter 1, but not for chapter 2. Chapter 2 was completely out of reach for my listening. I was barely holding on keeping up with the audio.

It’s probably about the same difficulty as 半落ち for someone who doesn’t already know the police words, I guess. Wide vocab. Lots of fancy sentences. But I actually feel like this may be harder because a lot of the text is essay-like rather than story-like. I dunno. It’s a bit soon to call it, but I feel like 正欲 maybe edges 半落ち out for difficulty. 半落ち is more interesting though. 正欲 seems like Literature with a big L, but why on earth am I reading it when I’m having the worst streak of days for pleasure reading?! :weary:


:spiral_calendar: Day 17: January 17th :umbrella:

spacer:girl: からかい上手の(元)高木さん Volume 10 (66% ➨ 73%)

Busy day today, but I at least made sure I read something!


This doesn’t bode very well for me. I’m okay with Literature with a big L, as you describe it (as long as the specific text suits me, not absolutely everything), but essays in my mind are dry arguments on “issues”, and they tend to tire me. Would you say it’s the second kind? Does it feel like an article rather than fiction?


It’s definitely fiction but it feels…heavy. This isn’t a spoiler, we’re still in scene setting. This is describing a wife who makes breakfast for her husband every day (we’re currently following the husband and his thoughts/feelings on things) Note 啓喜 is read ひろき and is the husband’s name:


It’s interesting. I find the way the author describes things unique. It’s just…very heavy sentences. It doesn’t feel light and artful, but loaded.

Could just be my mood right now, though, let me know what you think.


Thanks for the excerpt. Yes, that’s some dense text, and it requires slow and deliberate reading to even understand what it’s getting at. I don’t dislike the style, but if the whole book is like that (as opposed to a paragraph here and there) I might leave it for later, hoping that it will be easier for me then.


This chapter was full of dense passages like that, with a few spaces where I came up for air thanks to dialogue or repeated points. I’m still very much in the beginning though, so it remains to be seen how dense it will stay.

Frankly if the whole book is like this I might also shelve it for a bit and come back to it later.


January 17 :snowflake: Home Post

Decent reading day today; I’ve been messing with 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 a bit and it feels like a much more reasonable read than it has in the past :joy: The long rambly nature of the writing is far less off-putting than it used to be, I’m definitely more equipped to handle it now so yay! It still requires a bit more mental energy as things go by nature of needing to keep more things in my brain at once, but the vocabulary is generally in my knowledge base so it’s not so bad. I also read some more 花子くん, finished up volume 3 and got about halfway through volume 4! Things get more complicated and dramatic by the minute :eyes: but of course there’s still lots of nonsense, an important balance haha.


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1 月 18 日
コナの大冒険 第26話 :black_cat:

Poor Kona has underestimated what it’s like in 自然界. Wonder what he’ll end up eating…

Vocab of note
  • 付け加える [つけくわえる] to add one thing to another
  • 悲鳴を上げる [ひめいをあげた] to scream
  • 飢え死に [うえじに] starvation, starving to death
  • 後悔 [こうかい] regret, remorse, repentance

@Greya I’ve been reading through your posts about the books you’re reading and your selection is so cute! I actually bought にわにはににん just the other day and now I’m thinking of buying 魔女と猫の話 too. Getting way ahead of myself though… I’m probably not even close to the level I can read those… Just piling up for when I have better grammar foundations. :sweat_smile: Thanks for all the cute ideas though!


Read Ch 1-2 during the day for Re:Zero 16. No new real struggles and a good balance of lookups and reading. Having about the same level of challenge I did watching the anime.

Finished chapter 9 of Steel Ball Run, plan to maybe finish volume 2 before bed. My wife wants me to read this book called お空のセカイ so I will have to pause my JoJo reading for now. The book is pretty quick so I should finish pretty quickly.